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First time poster, few questions

First time poster, few questions

Her everyone,
For a while now I’ve been browsing this site and finally decided to become a member. Like all guys here when I drop my pants I want the girls jaw to drop, but I also want to give her the best sex she’s ever had.

Little about me, 20 years old from USA, in decent shape plan on losing some body fat possible increasing length, white. Rough measurements right now are 7inches non bone pressed and 5.5inches girth. For me I’m happy with my length but I just want around .5 more for girth, if a little length gets added on too that’s great. Another thing that is very important to me is to avoid getting an injury, so for a while I’m going to take it very slow. I will start by using the newbie routine, but for the first couple weeks I plan on doing a shorter version of it to get my penis adjusted. Later today, or whenever I do my first workout I will take exact measurements so I know exactly where I’m starting from.

Now to the questions, for the first couple of weeks I was thinking about doing a little longer warm up, cool down, and stretching, while doing less jelqing. What do you guys think about this? I thought it might be a good idea to get my penis adjusted and avoid an early injury.

I’m going to do the newbie routine for at least 12 weeks, again to avoid injury. What have your girth gains been like with this routine, and how long did it take you to get those gains?

I have been doing kegels for a while now and I believe I have a strong PC muscle (think that’s the name of it) but I’m not lasting as long in bed as I want to. I’ve been thinking about doing 50% kegels and 50% reverse kegels. I would be doing a 5 second kegel then I would switch to a reverse then back to a kegel and so on. How does that plan sound? From reading around it sounds like a lot of people have had a lot of success during reverse kegels.

I think that my goals are pretty realistic, but again I want to stress the fact that I want to avoid an injury at all costs. To me having a slightly larger penis and lower erection quality is not worth it.

Hope to hear from a bunch of you and looking forward to getting to know everyone,

Welcome to TP, your start size is pretty good (bigger than me). I am not a veteran by any means but I would think it would be ok to stretch and warm up more. Everyone is different, some guys gain from just stretches, others jelqs, and then some with both. I think the key is to find what is best for you and your body. That is what I am having to figure out right now, I kept taking everyone else s routines and schedule and trying them and nothing worked. So now I am starting fresh with the basics and adapting my own moves. I would say pay attention to you PI’s. I never did before and now I know why I never gained before, and I did PE for a year almost with no change at all. I didn’t pay attention to hanging length and morning wood. After reading on it and going back and remembering I almost never had morning wood b/c I was over training my dick. Now that I am doing the noob routine and a softer grip pressure, I wake up with a tent every morning. Don’t know if its a positive or neutral pi but at least it’s not negative.

Good luck.

Sounds like you thought this all out. You have a good plan. Many here including myself have seen quick gains on the Newbie Routine.

Take it slow with the jelqing and build up. When I first started jelqing, I started too hard and too many and I ended up getting the dreaded

red dots. They are no big deal, but they will slow your pace till they heal (about 2 weeks). I have repeated this so many times and one

more time will not hurt. Consistency is the key to PEing. Peing is so easy if you have the right mind set. I can not remember but I think

I gained 1.5 inches in less then a year, but I had help. This is my story I have reached my goals. Good luck with

your gains. I must say, you are already good sized. Take some before pic’s. you will be glad you did, and you don’t have to post them if

you don’t want, but to have them for reference. Make sure you measure BPEL.

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Hey brown welcome to the forum, and you have a great starting size. Ill agree with cookie tree you need to watch your PI’s and listen to your Dick as you PE. Its crucial that you do this to figure out if you are somebody who can gain from very minimal PE or somebody who has to stretch and jelqs for a hour a day to gain. If you are just focusing on girth then I would suggest jelqing over any other exercise for your first 12 weeks. As for lasting longer in bed you will want to pick up edging. Its the most recommend and successful exercise for endurance. Good luck with your PE and if you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Start 10/17/12: BPEL: 5.9 NBPEL: 5.125 EG: 4.875

Current 12/17/12: BPEL: 7 NBPEL: 6.1 EG: 5

Goal: 8.5x6

Wow cody you have great gains, are you doing the noob routine as well?

Tnt I have thought about this for a while now. Thanks everyone for the great support and tips! I’m glad I decided to become and member and get serious about PE

Thanks cookie tree yah all my gains are from regular stretching and wet jelqs Ive switched up my routine a few times but they are just different variations of the newbie routine.

Start 10/17/12: BPEL: 5.9 NBPEL: 5.125 EG: 4.875

Current 12/17/12: BPEL: 7 NBPEL: 6.1 EG: 5

Goal: 8.5x6

Welcome to the forum brown! You have a great starting size, slightly bigger than mine in girth. Keep up your dedication and you will see gains! Cody has already given me plenty of advice and what to look for in the exercises! Thanks man, and good luck to you brown!

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