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First time post

First time post

Hello everyone. Just discovered Thunders about a week ago and have been shamelessly lurking since then. I just wanted to say I am impressed by everyone and the quality of input. So I thought that I would seek the collected wisdom of everyone here to answer a few questions.
1) If your LOT is 6 o’clock and you focus on tunica stretches does that mean eventually that your tunica will catch up to your ligs and you can stretch the ligs again? I read tunica goes not stretch as much as the ligs and am still hoping to make big gains. (Crossing my fingers.)
2) In relation to the first question if you were doing manual stretching how often do you throw in a A-stretch or V stretch along with the normal flaccid stretch?
3) Last but not least, I have heard that it is dangerous to jelq at full erection a long time ago, but it seems like everyone says that in order to gain girth you need a 80-90% erection level. Is there a fine line between gaining and damaging? (i.e. that 10% difference?)
Thanks for any answers that are given. Looking forward to interacting with the great people here. And in any case I thought I would give a short history of what I have done before. Approximately 3 years ago I started doing PE, basically manual stretching and jelqing. Focused mainly on stretching and gained about 2 inches and 1 inch in girth. Wish I would have realized about tunica stretching a long time ago.
Sorry if this a long introductory post.

Best wishes to all.

Welcome to Thunders! I’m sure one of the guys will be more than happy to answer your questions.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Welcome to Thunder’s

I am by no means qualified to answer any of your questions however, but have fun!


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