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First post

First post

I have been doing PE for about 2 weeks, but have lurked on and off here for a while.

I am a little discouraged to find out my LOT is 7:00. Should I drop lig stretching all together? I cant seem to get a decent tunica stretch with manual stretching. The thing I don’t get is, I can feel the ligs stretching, but if my tunica isnt streched it wont be beneficial?

Also, jelqing gives me a slight sharp pain right in my meatus. Is this normal? Is near erect jelqing the main impetus for girth gains? Still learning so thanks for putting up with all the questions.

For a while! I’m still amazed at guys who have been a member for nearly two years and are just now making posts. Welcome - although it seems a bit late to say that. :)

Don’t worry about the LOT. That’s mainly an aid for hangers. Guys doing manual exercises, as newbies should be doing, will be exercising the right parts of the penis without knowing what their LOT number is.

Are you using a grip aid (like toilet tissue, a sheet of latex or rubber gloves) when you do your stretches? That can help you get a good grip and improve your ability to do the manual stretches. Manual stretches are mainly lig work and the jelq is tunica work.

Try to alter your stroke so that there’s less pressure on the corpus spongiosum (CS - the ridge on the underside). That connects directly to the glans (head) and will transmit pressure that might be causing your pain. Try a two handed method (see this) or use an “upside down” OK grip with your palm away from you which will put less pressure on the CS.

Near erect jelqing is the impetus for injury. If you’ve only been at this for two weeks, you’re not conditioned enough for girth work. Just do jelqs and manual stretches for now.

Thanks for the tips.

I have been stretching (and jelqing) in the shower, using no grip aids. I had a hard time getting a firm grip enough for a good stretch the first few times but now I seem to be able to generate enough pressure to feel the ligs stretch when pulling straight down.

After reading about LOT though, I thought maybe I should be stretching upward and not downward. But if I read your post right, just keep on with the downward lig stretching for now?

I will try changing my jelqing technique to see if that dosent alleviate that sharp pain in the end of the head. I may just be jelqing too aggressively though.


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