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First 6 Weeks Progress

First 6 Weeks Progress

EG 5 at base

EG 5-3/4 at base
NBPEL 5-1/2
Erection much harder
Girth along the shaft hasn’t changed

My routine:
Wet jelqing 300 3x/wk - started inconsistently but now on regular schedule
Hanging with Bib Jr. For past 2 weeks 2 on/1 off schedule
Worked up to 3x20min @ 7.5 lb SO, my LOT is 7.

That’s awesome. Keep up the good work man.

5 weeks, not 6

Oops, the title should read 5 weeks, not 6.

Good gains, congrats


Very good!

A question from a newbie to a newbie.
Why have you preferred hanging versus stretching in this beginning phase?

I had actually only planned on hanging until I found this site, where I learned a lot more. I already had a bib hanger on order at that point. Some PEers prefer hanging, some prefer jelqing and stretching. I don’t think the hanging has yielded much yet. I’m just starting to feel the lig soreness.

I do stretch at the beginning of every jelqing session and I’m trying to remember to stretch every morning in the shower as well.


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