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Few questions

Few questions

-Is it better to avoid tighter underwear like boxer-briefs while sleeping? The reason I asks is due to a recent fact that has come to my attention that involves he penis engaging in “partial” erections throughout the nighttime. Whether or not this is true is beyond my interest in proving, but I have tried out going commando lately and I’ve noticed that my morning wood has gotten a lot better and don’t know if I have found a PE gold nugget to keep.

-Is it a bad idea to tie a piece of string around your penis when you sleep? I fell asleep while clamping with string and woke up to a monster flaccid dick the next morning that didn’t show any negative PI either. Any opinions on the matter?? I’m afraid to try it again without another persons thought on the matter.

-Does clamping make you’re testicles bigger? I’ve been doing behind the ball clamping for a few months and I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I could swear I’m bigger in the sack. Am I just being wishful or has anyone heard of this being a possibility? Also I don’t know if it’s related but I kegel pretty heavily in the clamping sessions and do experience an achy feeling in my nuts every now and then. Any expert opinions?

Going commando will allow the penis to be ‘massaged’ with the movements of your body whilst asleep. So the stimulations will result in erections happening

You are asking for deep trouble clamping when in bed. There have been cases of guys losing erections and having hard flaccids due to over exposure of the clamp.

Better to keep it clamaped during the day when you are ‘resting’

I just wouldn’t recommend clamping your balls.

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I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep with a clamp on. You’re cutting off circulation so over an extended period of time I don’t think it would be a good idea.

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I sleep naked, started doing so only recently. Feels so good. :)

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I would advise against having any sort of ADS or string attached to your penis at night because you aren’t conscious.bad things can happen

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