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Fear, turtling, and gym shorts first post

Fear, turtling, and gym shorts first post

Hello all,

First time poster here. I used to lurk around a bit, but I’ve finally decided to commit to the program and actively seek guidance. It’s great to be a part of the board, and I hope to learn a lot from you guys.

For starters, even though I’ve got a decent BPEL (needs improvement, of course), perpetual turtling is a serious problem for me. I understand that the newbie routine will help with flaccid length in due time. I also know that losing that extra flab around the pubis will help me hang a little looser. But, in the short term, I’m hoping for a few recommendations with a more immediate issue.

To put it bluntly, my penis is a coward. My fight-or-flight response is like a hair trigger: I turtle when I’m anxious, when I’m slightly cold, and, specific to my new health regimen, it happens every time I work out. I can literally lift a box to carry up to the attic at home, and my dick contracts like I’m being chased by a bear.

I’m already self-conscious working out in public because of how out of shape I think I am. Add to that the little ball that juts out from my gym shorts and the lovely ladies working out at my gym, and it makes for a very unpleasant and awkward experience. Everyone says nobody looks at you at the gym because they’re all absorbed in their own routine, but my own routine involves constantly thinking about my hibernating dong, and I dread being there.

I’ve thought about stuffing for such occasions, but too many humiliating scenarios run through my mind to really try it. It’s too degrading, anyway. I’m hoping to find some gym shorts other than the nylon ones I keep at home, ones that might conceal the area better. If anyone has any suggestions on that front, or with calming down whatever adrenal response is causing my penis to retreat and stick out like a stub, I would be very appreciative.

I really need to get into the gym ASAP. That and PE are my two main priorities right now, and I’m trying to take care of anything that might deter me from my goals.



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I’ve the same problem. I’d go to the bathroom and loosen it up everytime before I took a shower at the gym.

I would like to see what people come up with.

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I have heard that the longer you PE the more you will turn from a grower to a shower. If you PE for years your flaccid length can slowly get closer and closer to your erect length.

I have not done this myself (yet), but this is what I have heard.

My flaccid size gains from PE have already been significant… (I am also a grower).

What kind of underwear do you wear? This can make a difference.

Everyone turtles in the gym. I doubt anyone is really going to notice because they really are too concerned with what they are doing and how they look themselves.

I used to buy gym shorts from Wal-Mart that may help you out. Look for the basketball style shorts (you know, the ones that go past your knees, like you always see black people wearing). They had kind of a mesh feeling to them on the outside, and were way heavier/thicker than normal the nylon gym shorts that you were describing.

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Anxiety makes you turtle, try not to think about it, drink some green tea 45 minutes before a workout. It may help relax you.

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Stay hydrated!!! I can’t stress that enough. It wil help with your fitness goals and you will have a much bigger flaccid all the time.

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Thanks for the replies. @Ddolphin: I have noticed that drinking water generally helps with my flaccid size and caffeine makes turtling more likely.

I usually wear boxerbriefs under silky basketball shorts. I’m thinking of maybe getting some soccer shorts made of some that “crispier” material.

Try wearing a jock too. It helps me, I don’t think about it anymore. Sometimes when I lift it will turtle, but that happens to everyone else too. Do whatever it takes to stop thinking other people will notice, and the more you relax, the less it will tend to happen.

If I tell you not to think about it is like saying “Whatever you do, do NOT think about pandas!” You’re gonna think about it, just learn not to worry about it.

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Totally thought of a panda. Damn.

I turtle at the gym, and I hate it.

There is a company called Prana. They make climbing clothes and yoga gear. I got a pair of shorts by them years ago for climbing, and they work well for “masking” the crotch region. They are a bit heavy, not TOO loose and they are stretchy (think rock climbing).

I think mine are the “mojo” short, but it’s been a long time and I’m sure they’ve changed the lineup.


This happens to me big time, it just shrinks and goes all wrinkly. I’m about 6” BPEL, but I’ll turtle to about an inch. Pain in the ass.

Just another reason I like lifting at home!

I’ll have to check those mojo shorts out. Anything to keep the turtle head from sticking straight up when I lie down on the bench. Sometime this week I’ll also head to an athletic store and try on a few different types that might conceal the bulge .. Maybe some Umbro soccer shorts.

Since it looks like I’m not the only dealing with this uncomfortable situation, I’ll report back when I find something that works for me. In the meantime, I’ll work on convincing myself that nobody else gives a crap and I’ll try not to fixate on it.

Man, when you workout your blood goes to where it’s needed: the muscles you are working out. It’s impossible to keep blood everywhere full filling all your body. The same thing happens after a very heavy meal. :)

What’s important when you are working out: keep your body in shape or keep your unit full? I think you reach it when you PE, don’t you?

Nobody’s perfect in this way. Stay focused on your body gains when you are working out. The same on your PE’s.

Here in Brazil people are used to use surfer’s bermudas (longer shorts?) or a lycra short under your regular outfit.

Turtling is normal…especially when we exercise. Some don’t have a problem with it but many adhere to the “never let it turtle” theory. I never let it turtle and during those times when I am not using any contraption to prevent turtling, I have a much better hang all day.

Do a search for traction wrapping…pretty much using an ace bandage with or without theraband to keep the penis elongated but not restrict blood flow. It is not to be confused with a stretcher. I usually stretch my unit but not anywhere near my max stretched length and then wrap. You don’t have to wear it all the time but it can be helpful for those occasions where extreme turtling can occur (gym, swimming, etc).

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)


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