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Fat Pad and PE

Fat Pad and PE

Hey guys. Seeking advice on this situation:

In the past I had what was described by multiple doctors as a terminal illness. They pumped me full of drugs, but naturally I didn’t intend on putting my treatment entirely in their hands. I was physically deteriorating, and it was just too horrendous at one point, so I scoured obscure academic papers and tried some experimental treatments that said doctors never found out about. Such is the benefit of having pharmaceutical connections and a very close research chemist friend. But anyway, that’s just the backdrop of the story. The point is that I survived, but I blew up, big time. I’m huge now, about 260+ pounds on a 5’6” or 5’7” frame. Not ideal for someone who was always fit in the past. Also not ideal for my poor penis, now seemingly encased in this enormous fat pad.

My question: is it reasonable or does it make sense to practice PE with the fat pad still present? If gains are to be had, how will that affect the ‘hidden’ part of the penis, so to speak? Obviously the base won’t be getting the same treatment as the rest of the penis. It’s a significant portion, too. I’d never measured myself when I was fit, but now I’m looking at something around 7.5” BPEL, meaning ruler pressed into the fat pad as far as I can get it (not truly BP), and something above 5” NBPEL. As you can see, the difference there is significant. I’ve already lost some of the original weight and am aiming for my pre-medication weight, but I’m wondering if I should wait on getting rid of or at least significantly diminishing the fat pad before I re-start PE.

If you have that much penis hidden I would focus on just length exercises for now so when you do girth work your other penis isn’t left out. Your main focus should be on getting fit again! That is way more important than penis size but I think you know this.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

It perfectly makes sense to practice PE alongside with getting fit.

Like bluray said, focus on length exercises (stretches, some jelqs). In 9-18 months, after losing a lot of weight, you can include girth exercises in your routine. But for now avoid them in order to prevent the baseball-bat dick.

And congratulations on your survival! After all you have been through, you will definitely manage to enlarge you dick. But give it some time. Keep in mind your long-term plan of PE. For example, first, 1-2 years - length, then 1-2 years - mainly girth-focused exercises.

Practice just a 20-30-minute length-focused workout, get fit and enjoy your life!


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