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Extractability of the Inner Penis

Extractability of the Inner Penis

I have a very low LOT (somewhere between 6 and 6:30). I felt around my scrotum, and it seems like I have quite a bit of “inner penis.” What I was looking to find out was: How much, percentage-wise, of the inner penis can one expect to permanently extract through ligament stretching? I ask because it feels like I have about 3 inches of length hiding back there, and want to know how much of it I can reasonably expect to become visible.

The attached male anatomy drawing is fairly representative of what I’m feeling back there. Will LOT theorists have me believe that whole gray area can be pulled out? If so, then I’m totally stoked.

EDITED to indicate pic as an attachment, not a link to outside site.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but the side view diagrams are misleading. They emphasize the bulb of the penis and don’t show the attachment of the crura (legs) of the corpora cavernosa to the pelvic bones. Take a look at this one:


The pubic symphysis is the point where the penis becomes visible on the outside. It looks like there’s a lot behind it, but the three erectile bodies (the two corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum) diverge and become three separate items within the pelvis. The crura (single is “crus”) are firmly attached to bone and the bulb is attached via a ligament to the superficial transverse muscles and the anal muscles. Ligament stretching may allow a few centimeters (perhaps an inch) to hang lower and therefore farther out of the pelvis, but you’re not getting the whole thing to come out.

As far as LOT is concerned, the group here is divided on their acceptance of the theory. I personally don’t think the angle at which you loose the tugback indicates much of anything. (My observations here.) It’s supposed to be an indicator of a guy’s capacity for gains from hanging. Those with a low lot, such as yourself, bemoan their fate before they’ve even tried PE exercises. Gains can generally be had by expanding the external parts of the corpora cavernosa via jelqing and by stretching the ligaments with manual stretches. Many guys get gains with those manual means alone.

Oh well… I’m not disappointed. I would have been disappointed if I *hadn’t* asked, and just made the bad assumption, so thanks for putting my unrealistic expectations in check. I’ll definitely do ligament stretching anyway, just to see what *does*, in fact, come out.

Also, I’m not worried about the LOT, Bib’s page mentioned that some of the best gainers had low LOT’s like mine while some low-LOTers had small gains. I’ll be happy with whatever.

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