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I want to buy an extender for my penis. Well I’ve they are kind of expensive and I want one that is super comfortable. I like the style of something called the Euro-Extender, no noose it’s a wrap. Any sites where I can buy a cheap one of these devices? On eBay they go for about 130-150 every now and then I see one for 110 but I’m wondering if I can get a cheaper one. Also If you use one what have your results been? Thanks. Feel free to comment.

Check the Review Forum for a device from monkeybar. I’ve seen alot of good reports about it, I’ve never used one. Here is the link- AutoExtender’s AutoADS

Like Mr. Nine stated above check Monkeybar’s extender, it protects your penile nerves and it’s allot more comfortable.

Was just looking at this site


Anyone heard of it? I know it is very expensive but they seem to back it up with a few things.

Slapa ring nose type extenders aren’t good it may cause nerve damage, also they aren’t very comfortable

The Pro Extender, and Euro-Extender are based on the same design. The Euro-Extender has a different head attachment, which is probably still uncomfortable. They are both JES Extenders (most commonly known name for searching).

It is generally a good idea to explore the Review Forum for the various alternatives to any particular product you may be interested in purchasing.

As for alternatives for the JES Extender (also known by many other names, the one I purchased prior to knowing about Thunder’s Place was an andro-penis): The AutoExtender, by monkeybar, is a significantly superior product, in my opinion. He also has a replacement head for the JES which I purchased instead of the full AutoExtender. However, in retrospect, I would have been better off trashing the andro-penis I had previously purchased and buying the full AutoExtender.

You can make your own ADS (see the links in Stevie’s Favorites).

There are also at least two commercial alternatives for ADS that are made by members of Thunder’s Place:
AutoExtender’s AutoADS by monkeybar
PEweights and other things by Monty530

I have used the AutoADS and found it to be both comfortable and effective. I have not used Monty’s PEweights due mostly to a personal choice.


Originally Posted by vewdew
Slapa ring nose type extenders aren’t good it may cause nerve damage, also they aren’t very comfortable

It’s probably a good thing the damn thing costs so much then!

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