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Extender users help Noose keeps slipping

Extender users help Noose keeps slipping

I am in my 2nd month of using an extender, (andropenis). I am currently 2 centimeters past my erection length, and the noose slips causing lots of pain. It doesn’t slip all the way out, it just slides up my glans a bit, compressing it and causing pain. I have tried wrapping in gauze and or toilet paper, but it still slips. If I tighten it anymore I’m gonna cut off my head.

I’m currently using an infant sock, sometimes this slips and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m also using all the bands and cushions they have for it. I don’t know what else to do. I’m going to have to start adding length a lot slower than the manufacturers program recommends if I can’t get past this.

The stretch is not bad, (I feel it but it’s not painful)l. I don’t want to slow down my progress, anyone else have the same problem and hopefully a solution?
Thanks in advance!

If it is slips, probably you are using too much tension. Keep it at shorter length. Another factor would be a not too pronounced glans. Better you change kind of extender, probably you can by a comfort strap on ebay that can be adapted to your extender. Which brand is it?

What marinera said. Go slower if you have to, the instructions aren’t 100% viable for every penis. It was about 4 weeks before I added (a consistent) 0.5cm to the length of my extender.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Thanks for the replies, it’s Andropenis, by Andromedical.
I think you’re right about too much tension, I guess I’m just gonna have to slow down.

My clans is a little bit bigger than my shaft.

Wash the noose carefully with soapy water, rinse it very thoroughly. And wash your penis, however you normally wash it.

Starting Stats - 5.5 NBPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 NBPEL x 6.2 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

You can convert almost any extender to a vacuum type devise at the glans which I have found to be so comfortable that you almost forget you are extending. I converted but ,then, I only extend for less that 3 hrs. Because of my work schedule—thus avoiding the only drawback which is a gathering of fluid under the skin of the glans. The fluid, in my case, disperses readily in a couple of hours. You might look at “Autoextender” on the internet.


Also helps to kegel a bit of extra blood into the head before tightening the noose. This gives the noose more to grip onto underneath the rim of your glans.

Starting Stats - 5.5 NBPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 NBPEL x 6.2 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

Thanks for the replies,

Howardson, I did look up autoextender, but I can’t tell if the vacuum device they sell separately would fit the Andromedical extender I’m using. I can’t really afford to buy another extender, I’d like to try to make this one work if possible.

Regarding the fluid build up, is that after total number of hours, or only if you exceed a certain number of hours per session? I use the extender for 2 hour sessions, rest for 5 to 15 minutes, then put it on for another 2 hours.

I read somewhere that you don’t want to pull from your glans. Not sure where I read that, and can’t remember anything else about it. Any safety concerns here?

You have to clean what ever is there that grips both side of the noose tubing, on the underside of the extender. If the noose tubes loosen, then the dick slips.

Thanks Dangler, I clean it every 2 or 3 days.

Today was easier, it didn’t slip much, relatively little pain. I’ll keep it at the current tension, but am definitely going to slow down on adding length.

Have you noticed any gains since you started wearing the extender?

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