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Experiencing blood from penjs

Experiencing blood from penjs

I’ve been jelqing almost 3 months now, still doing the newbie routine. I’ve made a mistake with technique and the warm up. Here’s a full detail.

1/2 hour ago, when I was jelqing I stared to see blood come out, which wasn’t good so I stopped immediately and I also felt no pain. Luckily it wasn’t a lot, but it was pretty horrifying to see that happened and my erection just disappeared quickly. I panicked but I quickly cleaned it and came here. My message to this post is that some people don’t go the injury section and they don’t know about this. I myself didn’t even bother looking at the injury section until tonight. First is to warm up properly, because I knew I wasn’t warmed up enough, and this is one of the reasons I saw blood come out. Second, to not put to much pressure to the glans. Usually I can jelq with a 70% to 80% with no problem, but this time I squeezed right in the end of the shaft pushing the glans hard outward. I kept doing this for like 10 strokes, and I felt a little discomfort, then I look down and saw blood dripping. Im going let myself heal for like 3 days or more, and I will just do manual stretches for like a week, then ill start jelqing again.

Maybe it’s your period? hahahaha :p

Ok man ok,sorry. Just joking. Don’t put me on the ignore list or something.

I guess you’re doing all the right things about it. You probably will be more than OK in a week.

Good luck!

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It happened to me too 3 times in a month time last year when I did intense stretching. I think I put too much pressure on glans the first time. I think you would need a break at least for a week or so and then resume it slowly.

God, that makes me cringe just by thinking about it.


Sadly, this is a common type of injury: give it a rest for a week, and should be fine.


Maybe go easy on the stretching too.
I have experienced bleeding frequently,
and stretching did contribute to it.
I experience bleeding maybe once or twice a month these days(No, NOT my period :-) )
It comes from jelqing too hard after warming up with a heating pad.
When this happens, I pump for 1o mins, then I can jelq again with no bleeding.
A little less forceful, of course.

Take it easy.


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Yea, it sounds like you may have bursted some capillaries. give a few days and start back taking it easy then working your way back up.

Ill do that, wait for at least a week

Originally Posted by kaan
Maybe it’s your period? hahahaha :p


Just give it a week or 2.


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