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Erection quality before and after

Erection quality before and after

My entire life I have had only a handful or rock hard erections. I only get them every now and then. The erection quality that I do get has never been enough to cause problems, It seems to work just fine.

I hardly EVER have a stiff erection that is self stimulated. I think most of it is a mental thing because of the downward SHAPE of my penis.

I noticed the other day when I was masturbating, That During and short after ejaculating, It gets almost twice as hard as it was. Is this normal or does this go hand in hand with what could be wrong (a cock ring was mentioned but I forgot what they called the problem)

I would definitely try doing some kegel exercises to strengthen up the pc muscle. Perhaps work some jelqing into the equation as well. I definitely noticed an increase in erection quality and strength after a few sessions.

It’s normal for your penis to become more turgid just before, during, and just after ejaculation.




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