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Erection much larger once in a while

Erection much larger once in a while

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have been doing my PE routine for about 16 months now and I can say I am satisfied with my progress. I don’t remember my stats which I started out with but I remember my erect length at the start was about 5.75”. I don’t remember my girth but I am guessing it was around 5”. My routine consisted of Jelqing every other day, and stretching every day. I toss in some other exercises from time to time. My erect length now is about 6.5” and BPEL about 6.75”, while girth is a little over 5.5”. I don’t do PE workouts as often as I used to now, but maybe once or twice a week as I am not concerned about getting much bigger. That and I don’t have much time these days.

I wanted to post here because I have been noticing something strange about the types of erections I have. I seem to have two types of erections - one is the normal everyday type, and then there is the once in a blue moon type that looks and feels much larger than usual. I will describe the differences as follows:

Normal erection:

Looks wise my penis has a very rigid, throbbing look, and I can see a lot of veins along the shaft. The head also gets a shiny, plastic look to it as it is full.
Feeling wise my penis feels very hard at the surface (as if there was a bone right under the skin) with no flex to it. Since I started PE I get erections where I feel maxed out and at times like I’m going to burst through my skin. It does feel like there is no more room for expansion

Rare erection:

Looks wise my penis gets a pumped, or swollen look to it along the shaft. Instead of seeing the veins and bumps, the shaft has a very uniform, smooth look to it. It is also noticeably much thicker than normal.
Feeling wise, my penis is rigid with no flex to it, but the outer layer is soft almost like my penis was wrapped in a layer of soft rubber. The shaft also becomes a lot more sensitive. It’s like this type of erection inflates the layer right under my skin since it gets fuller and since I cannot see the veins anymore. Even after I lose the erection and become flaccid my penis gets that swollen look like after an intense jelq session. AFAIK both types are of the same length.

Now the thing is that I would love to have the rare type erection all the time since it gives me a lot of extra girth but I don’t know what causes it as it just pops up randomly once every 3-5 weeks. It doesn’t matter how horny I am because even on days when I am really horny it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter how many days after a PE workout either. I try doing a certain type of kegel to force more blood into my penis but that doesn’t do it either since that only seems to fill up the head temporarily.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this larger type erection? Maybe I have to do some kind of kegel or reverse kegel before getting erect?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Welcome to the posting side Bananabob,

Interesting phenomenon you have going on there, are there no drugs or supplements involved that could be causing the change?

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Agree with Behemoth, try and recall what you ate say in the hour beforehand.. You may find the cause there.

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Or hydration levels a remote possibly

Originally Posted by fastfreddie
Or hydration levels a remote possibly

This might have a glimpse of truth, what the “blue moon” state sounds like would remind me of an erection after hydropumping (getting a little water retention) it won’t make it any longer but it will make it thicker and kind of “swollen”

Maybe you have a rare condition that causes water to pack into your penis when highly hydrated :D

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