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I’ve been jelqing properly for like 3 days now, and there was no improvement in my EQ. Should it already have improved or if no how much longer do I have to wait? Also, when I’m rock hard is my dick supposed to be flexible at the base, meaning that I could rotate it or is that a problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.

What is EQ? Emotional Intelligence? If so, jelqing is probably not the path to signficant gains.

By “jelqing properly for like 3 days now” you don’t mean non-stop do you? If so, you should allow some recovery time.


How much can you rotate your dick? If it stays rigid, but will pivot between roughly 10 and 2 o’clock, or maybe 9 and 3, it’s normal. If you can actually rotate it, like a full turn, that’s something else.

Dear Retard.
Why do you call yourself Retard?

Rotating is normal.

Now, if you can detach your penis and stick it in your ear. Now that is not normal.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I called myself retard, because at the time I got this account, I didn’t think that I would ever actually post anything on the website, and just look stuff up here.

Ah, EQ is erection quality. Sorry.

So yeah, as T says, give it a month.


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