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Eq -- Wooooh

Eq -- Wooooh


Been doing a Standard Newbie-ish routine for about 2.5 weeks now..
Throwing in a good bit of power-jelq jelqing though ..
Honestly, feel like the power-jelq device is giving me more of a proper “jelq” than the manual method (hard for me to get accurate pressure and trap blood with fingers, very easy with power jelq device) ..

Also been doing some edging here and there after warm up (rice sock), stretches, and jelq ..
Been more or less abstaining from wankin’ the willy ..

But have been having some AMAZING sex recently.

Just want to give a warning \ heads up to all those just starting out ..

Be prepared for some motherfucking RAGING hard-ons.

My girl has already given me the “you are SO hard” comment a few times.
My stamina\lasting power has gone up too.
I used to have problems staying hard when she was on top, and we didn’t do it too often ..
The last week, I think she has climbed up for some cowgirl no less than a half dozen times,
And fucked the shit out of me to boot.

Size be damned, I am LOVING the results so far.

Wooop woop!

So, what is this “power jelq” device? Do you have a link?

Starting: NBPEL: 6.25 EG: 5

Goal: NBPEL 8.5 EG: 6

Current: NBPEL 7.5 EG: 5.5

Originally Posted by ravenbluesky
So, what is this “power jelq” device? Do you have a link?

Ez as crap:
Homemade Power JELQ

Word! My experience as well! PE has increased EQ to a level that I didn’t know was possible. I am pretty stoked as well! Best of luck to you fellow PE’er!


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