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EQ Help

EQ Help

Hey all,

I’m a newbie to this (I have done a little PE in the past but haven’t stuck to it even though I saw some good gains) but I have a question. I’m 18 and I feel like I may have bad EQ. I can get erections whenever I want by touching it but other than that I never really get them.. I haven’t had a morning erection in the longest time I can’t even remember when. So this concerns me a little bit. Also, whenever I do get erections they seem to be pretty poor, sometimes they are really hard but not usually, and they never last after I cum. Oh by the way, I am extremely fit and very active and stuff so I know it isn’t a blood pressure problem or anything. Further more, I do have a pretty good sized dick 7 inches by 5.7 inches last I checked, but my angle of erection isn’t good, it’s a little lower than horizontal and curves down a little. So please can anyone tell me a really good EQ routine and/or things that will help? Thanks!

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Talk to your doctor about it. That’s not how I remember 18 being. Pretty much a soft breeze or a random thought boned me up.

Congrats on the natural size of your dick! That’s my girth goal.

I’d lay off the PE until I got the erection thing worked out if I were you. Best of luck.

Check your diet, you can be fit at 18 and still eat poorly….also check how much water you drink.

Poor erections are a sign of poor vascular health which may not be an issue now but may cause problems later in life.

Jelqing and kegels should help but its probably an internal health issue.

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I actually have a great diet haha, I eat incredibly healthy for the most part! And yeah it’s not that I can’t get boners, it’s just the quality of them are not that great.. Thanks for the replies though! Any other suggestions by anyone would be great too!


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