Enter the Chopstick

Hello all,

Maybe the thread should be titled “Enter the Temperature Sensitive Chopstick”.

Lurked for a few days and decided to join and add my first post.

I’d say I’m relatively fortunate with length having been 7” since I was 18/19 years old (I’m now 31). Unfortunately girth is not something I have been blessed with measuring 4.5” around when fully erect, this may vary a little if I get a really raging boner but I’d guess that’s the average. Although I’ve never had any complaints or comments this is something that I would like to remedy. Like many others here I am guilty of comparing myself to porn and while I know I’m exaggerating this in my mind I see getting a blow-job as more of an exercise in playing the piccolo than the mouth stretcher I would like it to be. My short term goal would be to get to 5” girth so it’s in the average range.

I’m also cursed (?) with definitely being a grower rather than a shower but this is really really exaggerated by temperature or exercise, fortunately now I live in a hot climate but at the gym it’s definitely an issue. I’d say that my flaccid length can range anywhere from 3-5”, the 5 is fine but it’s rare that it’s hanging like that!

I know that my dick is not tiny, and I don’t want to demean anyone who is smaller, I realise my length is pretty good and I’d like to get a better girth too. A little extra length would be great but to be completely honest 7” is too much for pretty much every girl I sleep with (I live and work in Bangkok and Thai girls are generally tiny).

Happy New Year!