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Embarrassed by "showing"

Embarrassed by "showing"

I have been doing PE for several months now, and started as a way to try to improve EQ. I am 56 years old. When I was younger I was more of a “grower”, but with increasing age became more of a “shower”.

With PE I have had a pretty striking increase in flaccid size. I know that there are a lot of guys trying to gain flaccid size, so please don’t think I am “trolling” with this question.

I have pretty wide hip bones and a fairly generous rear-end. My waist line is currently about 2 inches larger than it was when I was in high school. I find that a lot of trousers that fit my waist and seat just fine, simply don’t have enough room in the crotch. Now that I tend to buy a lot of clothes over the internet, or at places like Sam’s Club that do not provide changing rooms, I find that more often than not, when I try new pants on I “show” pretty badly. My wife sometimes rules out new garments because they make me look too “graphic”, or too “anatomically-correct”.

If I try to keep the package centered, even with somewhat snug boxer-briefs, my glans tends to be abraded to hell by the rough crotch seam in the pants, if there is room in the center at all. I pretty much have to tuck it into one pants leg, and unless the pants are very loose, I have a pretty prominent bulge. Flaccid size obviously varies a great deal, but I would guess I am usually somewhere between 4 3/4 and 5 1/4 inch in length and about 5 1/8 inch in circumference, or a little more.

My question is directed more towards the older members who have a similar experience. Do you find yourself embarrassed by this? I think I might feel differently if I was 25 years old, but I am sometimes concerned that at my age, people look at me as if I am a “dirty, old man” walking around with a hard-on. Still, I refuse to wear big “clown pants” or throw out my old jeans that I have had for years.

I could understand how you might be concerned as some people might see things this way. I too have some issues with this, especially in jeans. My flaccid hang is anywhere from 5”-6” with a good girth of about 5”. I am 31 years old and married so I cannot fully relate to bening 56, but I do understand about not want to seem like some sicko with the big boner flashing around.

I would say who cares. If someone is staring at your crotch thats what they get for looking. If they are grossed ou then so-be-it. I can’t imagine someone younger then you looking, seeing and then running up to you and saying something. All they will know is that you are packing an nice meat stick!

I agree, stuff ‘em - You worked for it, people will think stuff about you regardless of how hard you try to dissuade them - live your own life, let them live theirs.

“I find that a lot of trousers that fit my waist and seat just fine, simply don’t have enough room in the crotch.”

I used to have the same problem. You need long rise pants. I get mine at Even with plain front (pleats look dorky on me), no more bulge thanks to long rise. Returns are easy if they don’t fit — drop off at any Sears store. Oh, I wear boxers in winter so snakey can hang. In summer I skip the underwear.

That sounds like the ticket. I’m not really that big, but it seems like there is a lot of distance between my waist level and crotch. Thanks for the info.

I’ve got to say that I’ve yet to have a problem in other than jeans— and with jean I’ll switch off to briefs [loose knit boxers guy now] and align my unit up toward my hipbone on a rising diagonal.

Doesn’t seem too noticeable.

Good luck redbear, hope it works for you.

Andro, that makes sense because jeans tend to have shorter rise than other pants. Even my long rise jeans have less room for snakey and the balls (but adequate) than what I wear to work. But if I wear regular jeans/pants, I have to push everything to one side, and beyond the bulge issue, it just doesn’t feel good. With long rise, there’s enough room for the whole package to relax.

Strangely, finding pants that fit became a hassle when I lost considerable weight a few years ago. While it was great my waist dropped to 34, my inseam increased to 35, and only the long rise pants would fit right. So it was forget about buying off-the-shelf. I thank the Almighty for my health and mail-order.


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