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Embarking on virilization project- Acquiring penile, muscle and bone hypertrophy

Embarking on virilization project- Acquiring penile, muscle and bone hypertrophy

Hi all

I have been reading and studying these forums for a long time. When I registered at 19 years old, I was an insecure virgin. Since then, I have married and moved into my own place. My wife has been through one previous relationship. Unfortunately, her partner was a large, fat and hairy bastard of 286lbs/130kg (I am 176lbs/80kg). I am fortunately slightly taller than him, and my wife claims that my penis is bigger (longer + thicker base girth) - but what am I to believe? I absolutely HATE this person. He has had oral, anal and vaginal sex with my wife. My wife claims that “only the head of the penis was inside” during anal sex - however this is just as bad, if it is even true. To make matters worse, I was a virgin until I married her. Needless to say this is absolutely killing me.

I am, after long and careful planning, going to embark on a project which includes testosterone injections, vigorious PE (hidden from my wife), Human growth hormone + IGF-1 injections to induce bone growth of hands, feet and jaw as well as rigid physical exercise. I will try to post pictures of my progress now and then to inspire myself and others.

Thank you!

Bone growth?

So your saying your bones are not fully developed?

How old are you now?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I’m 22, soon 23.

Bone growth can happen even after the growth plates have closed. I basically want to induce a mild form of acromegaly.

My long term plan is to achieve a lean body mass greater than my rival (my wife’s previous sex partner) and a much greater and more superior penis as well as an overall more masculine appearance. Later I *might* experiment with injections into corpus cavernosum to up-regulate androgen receptors and suitable substances to act upon these.. A “chemical PE” to induce artificial puberty and penis growth. More about that later - I will for sure try the traditional ways first!

why do you want to be heavier than your wifes ex?

She’s your wife. You married her, not him. If she wanted someone like him or like him, but leaner she would have found them. Go the natural way. It will take a long time, but it’s not like you’re out playing the field. If your wife doesn’t think your manhood is big enough give her the gyneflex. You may shorten your life or hurt yourself by injecting all these substances. Your wife wants you to live a long time, not drop dead in five years with a 12” inch penis. I think you should let your wife know all of this.

Are you newly married? Why doesn’t she give you oral & anal? Anal would be easier anyway. If she is holding anything from you that she did with someone that wasn’t even her husband she needs to look at why she did it for him and not you. Also if he’s gone then what’s the big deal? Tell her not to see or talk to him ever again. It’s harsh, but in marriage you have to make sacrifices. His friendship with him will last her 5 years tops, you will be with her everyday for the next 50 years!

Goal 8X6.25

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