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Edutainment: Find the Picture

Ok, how about the pride of being the winner? Isn’t that enough reward?

Any more clues as to where it is hobby?

Would that be useful?

Hmm, is that a clue? And yes it would be useful. :) Just a one word hint could make all the difference.

Great hint hobby. I found the pussy here, Locating the bc muscle

I hope it’s the right one. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

That’s not it. Look for a photograph.

So I guess the hint is it’s a .JPG image since photograph’s on the web are usually in .JPG or .PNG image format. It could be a GIF image though.

I’m surprised no one’s found this yet.

I know people have been looking at the page. I also got a PM from one guy about the page in question.

After I found the wrong pussy, I gave up and started jelqing instead. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Nope. Reread my first post and then consider the hint.

Ok hobby, what happen to the pussy?

Still in the same place. I thought someone would have found her by now.

A few years ago I got started on a cracking/hacking challenge (IIRC, at Ice Fortress). Didn’t know much, and after the first few levels they were real head scratchers for me. Fucking addicting. So tantalizing, knowing the solution was there at the edge of my grasp. I spent a lot of time on that. I only threw in the towel when it got way over my head.

Isn’t anyone here addicted to finding the pussy? Hell, all you have to do is click on links until she pops up.

Crikey Michael seems desperate, he’s clutching at every straw he can find and he must have spent hours searching already :nodding:

I’ll probably just trip over it :gulp:

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Do you have to be signed in to see this pussy?



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