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Easier to gain in warm environment?

Easier to gain in warm environment?

Just wondering if people who live in warmer climates have a better chance of gaining? Has this been discussed before? I was hoping to get some anecdotal responses, such as “I gained/didn’t and live in a cold/warm place”.

I figure a warm environment could offer several benefits: 1. Temperature naturally draws blood to the extremities, i.e. the penis, leaving it fuller in the flaccid state. 2. The body is more relaxed in warm temperature. I have seen a few people mention stress/tenseness as an inhibitor to gaining. 3. More exposure to sunlight and healthy outdoor air and water, possibly more likely to exercise, and just be healthier in general.

I suppose if you live in a colder place, you could also see benefits by keeping the home and office well heated. In contrast, I live in a cold climate and keep the house in the 50’s. I’m often shivering, or just feeling very tired and slow. I’m assuming this is a bad environment for PE gains. What do you guys think? Does it matter, and how much if so?

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I live in a desert and I’m pretty much always in a room with AC at 75° F; when I’m outside without AC I don’t spend more than 5 minutes at temperatures over 120° F and since the body keeps the temperature fairly constant I wouldn’t expect a huge difference from the environmental temperature if at all.

Originally Posted by eopn
I’m pretty much always in a room with AC at 75° F

You realize that some of our northern boys consider anything over 32° F a warm environment?

I could see that being a contributing factor, just not a big one for most guys.

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At lower temperatures the body does not send to much blood at fingers, nose, ears, dick. This is because it must conserve heat and protect internal organs, so extremities (fingers, dick, nose, ears) are priority nr. 2.

At normal to high temperature the whole body becomes priority nr. 1.

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I don’t know about gains; but I’m sure the warmer climates are kinder on your flaccid hang. I live in a country that is constantly cool and wet, and I hate what it does to my shrivelled flaccid.

I would love to see anyone jelquing in the north pole :p .

Someone has to keep Mrs. Clause satisfied!

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Originally Posted by Tube Dweller
Someone has to keep Mrs. Clause satisfied!

Leave that to Big Rudolph then. Santa will NOT risk getting a frostbitten cock!

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