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Dry jelqing V Wet jelqing


I am cut and I started with wet jelqs. After a month or two I made the transition to dry jelqs. I went to dry mainly because I ran out of lube and there is no cleanup. I feel that with dry I get more pressure, especially when I hold a kegel. Its working well for me so far.

But as to which one is better…I think each has its positve and negatives. Just do what feels right and don’t worry about it

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Originally Posted by Lil J76
I thought I read that dry jelqs were more for length because of the pull you get from them.

It feels like dry jelqs are hitting my length too when I do them. I have also noticed each jelq stroke takes at LEAST 5 seconds, which is more than the wet one (for obvious reasons).

I think at the end of the day it is all relevant. Dry jelqing is more intense because there is more friction, therefore more pressure and less gliding. However if minimal lube and good technique are used in wet jelqing- I don’t see any difference apart from less skin irritation!



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