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Dry jelq only routine

Dry jelq only routine

Just got back to PE after a false positive Varicocele scare. I have been PE’ing for 3 months consistently without any manual stretches in my routine. Just the slightest attempt at those stretches gives me a severe pain near the base of my penis. So, I have decided to go for girth rather than length. As I’m uncut and privacy is an issue for me, I prefer Dry Jelq. Recently, I noticed tremendous increase in the size of veins on my unit as I’m dry jelqing at 100% erection level. The problem is my unit only swells to a further O.2’ girth at times of PE without any permanent girth gains afterwards. I also do not have a proper routine as I’m dry jelqing 7 days in a week. Please advice on a suitable girth only routine. Secondly, I tried Tao Jelq and Uli’s 3 for head girth gain. Any other methods of getting a bigger head?

Also, how to cement the growth permanently?

If they are giving pain to the base of the penis you are doing them with too much force!

Just pull with a gentle stretch, you don’t need to pull like you are doing the lat machine at the gym, just gentle until you feel it’s 100% stretched :) .

Se state cominciando il PE non cercate routine avanzate o fantasiose, rischiate solo di farvi male o di non guadagnare.

Usate la Newbie routine :) .

Dry jelqing can’t be good.

Farhan, dry jelqing everyday is not fine, those are pretty hard on your unit. Switch to a 2 on/1 off. If you get pain from stretches try doing no PE for a couple of weeks; if you get pain again, refer to an urologist. Sounds like you have an inflammed ligament.

Girth gains require a lot of time to ‘cement’; this is true no matter of what kind of PE exercise you do. Dry jelqs are fine for girth gains on the long run though. Edging with a cock ring (a metallic one) is a good companion for dry jelqs.

I may not try to stretch for another couple of months, but will try it after I have attained my girth goals. I’m going to switch to the routine that you suggested. Still contemplating about the visit to Urologist at the moment. Thanks to all of guys who answered my question, especially to marinera.

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