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Dry jelq are great but they are rough on my erections

Dry jelq are great but they are rough on my erections

I’ve been wet Jelqing for as long as I can remember, and I can never get a really good pump. I then started Dry jelq lately (2 weeks in) and it was alittle difficult to get use to it but it was ALOT better. My flaccid was fat and plump for awhile after my session and I could really feel the blood being pushed under the skin. (Something I never really felt with wet jelq’s) Also with each stroke, I could see my gland getting much larger then average. It was similar in looks to clamping where the blood is 100% engorged in your gland.

I am circumcised and It was alittle uncomfortable to get right grip down but after trail and error it was pretty simple.


I feel it’s really taking a toll on my erections. I was getting a blowjob from this cute girl yesterday and I swear I had a 70% erection the whole time. Even though it was in a very meaty pump state, still my erections are suffering. Do you believe my grip is just to hard? I do not Jelq at high erection levels. (50% at most)

I’m currently just doing 250 dry jelqs a day (similar in the aspects to “Vincent van cock” routine) But on a 2 days on/1 day off routine.

Any thoughts?

Dry-jelqs are harder on your unit, so maybe you should do less than that. I did only 50 strokes.

250 a day???

I do 80 3 times a week.

If you stop for 6 days, you dick will be hard as rock. After heavy punishment, a rest usually makes it bounce back, harder than ever.

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Thanks guys,

Guess that’s my error.

That’s only 12.5 minutes of jelqing at 3 second strokes…doesn’t seem like overkill to me, but I wet jelq.

But I really do try to make each stroke count and I have a god tight grip.

Maybe just take it alittle slower for my dick to get use to the pressure.


You need to read everything Sparkyx has written. Especially his PI and EQ threads. You need the knowledge, otherwise you’re playing with fire. Reading your other threads, I guess you kind of like that :D . It’s nice to have you on hand, to do the research I dare not do myself. Keep writing :)

I'm fed up of having a signature!

I think that was bacause you penis wasn’t used to being worked that hard. I second the post that suggest rest, though I wouldn’t rest for a set period of time, just until it feels good again.

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