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Dry jelq and foreskin tightness near end of stroke?

Dry jelq and foreskin tightness near end of stroke?

Is it normal to feel foreskin tightness near the base / nut sac at the end of a dry jelq stroke? I’m wondering if my foreskin is too tight for dry jelq…

Hi there A:) ,

Well, I also do dry jelqin, if I put my hands too close with the base of my cock and the foreskin is still covering the glans, the jelq motion would restricted abit. So, what I usually do is I uncover my glans and jelq using my foreskin. You must try using different hand position, I mean the space between the base of your cock with your hand positions should be in perfect length so you would feel comfortable when jelqin. Hope this could help.

…even if it feels tight, it’s not a restriction, but an opportunity! It’s foreskin stretching at the same time, and this is GOOD!

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Hi there L born,

Are you cut? Well, I’m not and I don’t want my foreskin to be longer than it’s now:) . But I agree with you, It’s good:) .

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