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Don't want that much


Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
Jelqing is not, however, necessarily for length gains; it is a good overall exercise, improving circulation and stretching the organ in both directions. The idea has been put forth that jelqing with lower level erections will affect length more, while doing so at higher levels of erection will affect girth more (with the recommendation that one jelqs a 80%+ erection at their own risk).

In English please? :) What do you mean with lower level erections and higher level erections? What is the reference to “.80%+ erection at their own risk.”? What is a 80%+ erection?

Oh, I just found the information I needed:

How to Jelq

Originally Posted by BosnianDing
Why settle for less when you can get more?? I say PE until you need a transfusion to get the darn thing up!

There is a thing known as “too big”

Past: 5-5.5" BPEL x 4.5" GIRTH

Present: 7.55" BPEL x 5.55" GIRTH (1 year progress)

Future: 8-9" BPEL x 6" GIRTH


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