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Does wrapping your penis hinder girth gains

Does wrapping your penis hinder girth gains

Quick (maybe dumb) question. After I am done stretching and jelqing, I use an ace bandage and wrap it around my penis to keep my penis in that elongated state. I was wondering, after jelqing or just in general when I have my penis wrapped up, is it hindering my potential girth gains, because when I wrap my penis up, I make the bandage kinda snug fitting, therefore making my penis skinnier, but longer. Thoughts?


Well,, I’m not an expert,nore do I play one on TV,,BUT

No, it doesn’t. You may be wrapping too tight in general though. You should wrap just tight enough to keep it elongated. You should be able to pee while wearing it - although that’s just a guide and I don’t recommended doing it except to test (may get some urine trapped that releases shortly after you zip up).

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