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does this seem right!!??

does this seem right!!??


I’m new to all this PE stuff, so I was wondering about something since I have foreskin when I jelq what I do is get about a 60%-70% erection then pull the foreskin back and tie it down, I find this way works out perfectly for me and I get a good PE workout too! Anyways, I’m just wondering by doing what I’m doing am I limiting penis growth length wise and girth wise and also can doing PE like what I do which is jelqing can it do the opposite and make my penis get smaller….I know these seem like dumb questions but for some reason I sometimes think by putting my penis through these exercises that it may do the opposite, well any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Any PE is better than no PE. If you can feel your dick getting engorged, then you are helping it to grow.


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