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Does it matter how low your balls hang during PE

Does it matter how low your balls hang during PE

Hey guys,

I had joined a few weeks back. I have started with the Newbie routine. It’s half a month now. So far so good, I think.

Just wanted to know- Does it matter how low your balls hang during PE? Because the past 2 times I did PE, my balls were not hanging low. But I did PE comfortably without any pain. If it does matter, how do I make it hang them low?


P.S. I have been strictly following the Newbie routine, so I am using hot wraps as warm up and cool down.

Start: BPEL: 5 inches, EG:4.5 inches, NBPEL: 4.5 inches

Goal: BPEL: 6 inches, EG: 5 inches. NBPEL: 5.5 inches.Start Date 22nd Feb 2009.

"Oh baby, I love your naivete!".

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I don’t think it matters how long your balls hang during PE. If they hang lower, it’s easier to get to the base when you’re jelqing, but it’s not like it’s impossible if your balls are riding higher.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Don’t know if it matters, but if you want them to hang, just make them warmer.

When your scrotum retracts it does effect your erection size but not by any huge significance. Blood supply goes to the erection and takes away from the scrotum and as a result you have a retraction of the sack. When the retraction occurs it does incrementally effect the engorgement of the penis.

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