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Does it matter how long you hold your kegels?


For Obafemi

I think and believe that kegels are an isometric exercise. I think adding more resistance against the squeeze will add size to the muscle because you are adding resistance to build the muscle and it will build in size. I think one my not want it to be bigger in size but strong . . To make it bigger may cause problems with the prostate and fluid flowing smoothly as I have read posts of the years. BUT! That is my opinion derived from the true experience posted by others. But there are those that add resistance and have to problems either. My opinion is that the PC muscles should be trained with out resistance added. GOD KNOWS I Don’t NEED TO ADD RESISTANCE. I Don’t WANT A RAGING ERECTING COCK AT ANY UNKNOWN MOMENT!! LOL

Back again after years of being gone. I am back to the long holds on kegels. And when I do the holds . . I hold I use a hold like I am trying to pull upside myself. I pull up and hold and pull more and more until I can’t anymore and then hold as long I can. Feel great … That feeling is there . . Even now since it been hours since I last held the upward squeeze long. I don’t count them I just do them throughout my work day since I sit during work. I do them Monday thru Friday only on work days. Again, I sit up on on the edge of my chair and I start pulling up more and more until in can’t go any further and hold, and hold. . And hold . . Until it need to release … Even after a while there is a flutter that may start . .


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