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Does Bathmate work on long term gain

Does Bathmate work on long term gain

I haven’t visited or done PE for awhile due to lack of result and disappointment. I saw the Bathmate hydropump ad. I know pump usually works for short term gain, getting blood flushed to the penis. Does it work on long term length or girth gain? Anyone have any experience with pump with long term gain? Thanks.

GREAT question,, I’m looking to get one myself,

Not It does not more so if you take into account the dureation of the comfort pad and the cost of water and heating one should use to spedn the time comfotably in the bathroom.

Blue eye, blonde latino

That last post was a little strange !! Can anyone explain it ?? ,

I have read here and there about guys getting real results that LAST ,, I think it just takes a little more work to cement them.

I have bathmate for 4months now. Using it 2 on 1 off. I do warmup with it and warm down. My routine is 3 sets of 30 sec 5 direction stretch and 3 sets of 7 min bathmate. I gained 1.5 cm in lenght and 0.6 cm in girth in this 4 months. I will continue to use it as long as I can. I hate doing jelqs so that was the only reason I bought bathmate. Never had any problems with it and like it a lot. Plus suction is great. If I go a little to “hard” I get red spots easily. I hope that helps.

Beowulfcro ,, that’s some good news !! I’m getting one !!!!

I do a lot of air pumping - about 20 minutes a day or more for three years and have gained almost 3/4 inch in MSEG. Little if any length. I am sure a Bathmate would have generated similar results.

Sounds good !! ,, I think it would be GREAT if they could make a BM with a curved tube,, to work agains my stupid curve !!

Maybe it will help straighten the curve..

I’ve been using the BM for 10 minutes followed up by 3 or so hours of Sizegenetics Extender using an xleeve, stealth cap and the VacExtender head for about the past month. This combination seems to be getting results for me but time will tell. The only measurement I do is the markings on the BM. Towards the end of my 10 minute session I’m slightly over 160mm and was mid 150mm when I started this routine. I’m not doing any manual stretching or jelqing.

I will say the BM gives me a lot of fluid retention and I also get the red spots. I will also donut if I’m not careful, though the autoxleeve helps with that a good bit. I don’t do any of the BM stretches or go over 10 minutes as I end up with major donut and red spots (as in my shaft looks like lobster meat, gross).

I do feel these gains will be permanent though and definitely erection quality has gone way up, especially when I’m careful not to over do the BM time or intensity.

Ouch wawawuh !! , sounds like the BM is tricky to use for you.,, I am hopeing it will work a little on my curve, if nothing else

I have a bathmate hydromax x40, and I love it. It won’t give you gains all by itself, but if you use it with jelqing and stretching like the exercises we have on this site then you’ll def see faster results. Honestly its pretty fun to use too, not something I imagine to many people regret purchasing.

Here are a couple before and after pics.…d-after-photos/

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