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Does anyone PE wo goals Just doing it for health

Does anyone PE wo goals Just doing it for health

I like to use the techniques I have read about on this board to just give my cock a good cardio work out besides just jerking it. I take a prescription that heavily impacts my erections(depakote.. Motorcycle accident caused the need), but not my sex drive, it is as high as ever. My night time erections are only half erections now(my GF has examined me while asleep, and I can tell when I wake up too I only have a half softee).. And I NEVER get hard during the day anymore w/o manual stimulation of some sort.(I used to get sprung at almost any hot piece of tail on the street; I am only 27!)

I am HIGHLY considering a penis pump after reading that doctors per-scribe them to prostate medicine takers to prevent their cocks from shrinking. I guess their stuff atropys due to lack of erections.. And what with my own number of erections going down in number by day, I have some concerns. I am only hard if I have sex w/ my GF or if I masturbate. I’m thinking 15 mins in one of those things twice a day w/o going crazy on the pressure might be a good thing for me? I think it’s kinky and hot to be a pumper for size too, but I don’t know enough about that to just start taking risks. I’m thinking of just using a pump to keep me nice and hard, but just a normal erection. MAYBE work into some kinky stuff after being more educated in the use and safety of said equipment. This would also fit in OK w/ my girl, she thinks it would be fun to be my pumper and to do it together.. She is a great girl, because this shit really does bother me one some levels, but w/ her support it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang!

I have tried similar meds after talking w/ my doctor.. The only one that was also effective against my seisure was even worse on my cock.. It made the damn thing ice cold EVEN if I went for a three mile jog!! I forgot it’s name, but Id rather have seizures than that, lol!! My Dr. Gave me a script for cialis, but I read that too much of those viagra types makes you blind. I also use a cockring now, for sometimes I need it, sometimes I don’t.

Id also like to post in the pumpers section, but I am still a noob I guess.. Tho I registered quite some time ago..

Many thanks,


Sorry, I haven’t read your long post.

However I can say that I have no goal.

I’m doing it, if not correctly, just because it feels freaky.

At least we can have another hope!


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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

At this point I have very specific and distinct goals, but I know that once I get there I’ll keep this stuff up until the day I die for Penile ‘Enhancement’ and sexual fitness.

Have you tried basic Jelqing and Stretching? THAT might be the very best place to begin by working your meat from end to end and getting to know it on a level that you never imagined.

Luck to you.

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Actually I am not really doing it for the reason of PE. Been a car-crash victim for 25 years and all medications from that have side effects to the package :( among other things. I will be mostly pumping and ADS since manual things isn’t fitting my health status.

Still I have “goals” that something might happen to the package in the long run,but I managed 43 years with it so far ,I think 43 more the same size isn’t bad he-he

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I do PE and have no size goals. I pump for the fullness and the stretch. Kegels for the hard erections. Stretching when I can. I take some allergy medicine that gives me troubles with staying hard sometimes. Other wise, I use Viagra when I can because I love that incredible pipe hard dick I get. And wifey likes it too. Don’t beat yourself up on this. Do it your way. This is not a competition.

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