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Does anyone have experience with Taoist penis enlargement?

Does anyone have experience with Taoist penis enlargement?

I recently purchased a book by Mantak Chia entitled something like “Taoist Sexual practice”. It has many tips on taoist sex practice but there is a paragraph sort of hidden in the back of the book on penis enlargement. It is a sort of breathing-visualisation, quasi jelq, erect manipulation thing. It claims that with daily use gains of one inch may be realised during two months , “maybe with further gains depending on body type”. I am considering trying it out, before I do however I was wondering if anyone on the board has tried and had success with taoist penis enlargement??

I have had minor success on girth with jelqing but no length. Maybe this Taoist enlargement method may help with length.

I don’t have the book with me at the moment as I am using a library terminal to post but next time I shall just post the entire
article from the book for others to try (if you don’t already know it).

Hopefully awaiting replies,


A lot of the techniques here are similar. Some visualise, I meditate often before a session.

Jelqing is more of a girth exercise. Some people find length harder but if you’ve not got a good stretching program its probably not going to benefit your length. That stretching can be done as a part of the jelq if you do it right but most people also have a stretching routine.

I think the 1 inch in 2 months is possible for some, using just about any technique. Others find it more difficult.

If you are going to try these methods, please come back and share the details and results with us.

Otherwise, what is your routine? If you post it you may get good tips on improvement.

I think I saw that on the Big Penis site a long time ago. If it’s the one that involves the “inner energy” shit and the act of twirling your penis around in certain directions a prescribed number of times, were on the same page. Turn the page:) . Actually, some of the physical acts did appear to be genuine, but they have to wrap it up in a bunch of exotic gooblygook to make a different product. Kinda like saying hanging is pulling your dick closer to the center of Mother Earth and therby energizing it to grow bigger and stronger via unseen, but very real energy tapped by your penis being closer the core. Yeah, right I say this to illustrate the utility of “sifting” through the info and taking what has real utility while leaving the strange shit to the mystics for ponderance. The meditational aspect may help on relax and focus, but I wouldn’t get to worried about the exact nature of how to achieve this with repsect to philosophies. On the other hand, if the details and explanations intrigue you, by all means indulge. groa

Patrick - I have that book, although I haven’t read the section on enlargement. I bought it mainly to learn how to have multiple orgasms. What section contains PE info?

groa - From a Western standpoint, the language used to describe meditation and “energies” can seem pretty senseless. This forum deals mainly from a physical, scientific “outward” viewpoint. The Taoist practices are difficult to understand because the activities are “inward” meaning that they require you to focus on the feelings and energies within yourself. As a Westerner myself, this kind of stuff takes a great deal of studying and practice to comprehend and experience, but that doesn’t mean that it is total BS.


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