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Does anyone do this

Does anyone do this

It’s common for me to tuck my sack between my cheeks. This is because standing up in the shower and the skin being quite slippy and elastic (doesn’t help having hands with lube) gets in the way of jelqing like the skin would be carried along and form a fold and this would be annoying. I’m also uncircumsized

It’s not often something new comes along, but this might just be a first.

I think this prevents the baseball bat penis.. For those with excess skin from the sac to the penis try it, another alternative would be to use a cock ring. You’re working your base properly rather then just sliding over it.

Good stuff, I like it!

You mean between the thighs, right. I’ve got a pretty fleshy sac, but I don’t think I could get it up between my butt cheeks. But tucking balls between the thighs and squeezing legs together for jelqing sounds like it might just work. I have always had to jelq down because all that scrotal skin gets in the way when I try to jelq up. I’ll give it a try and get with you.


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