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Do you get red spots?

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Do you get red spots?





Not anymore!

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I get them all the time,must be where I just started PE or I am doing it too hard.Mostly around the foreskin and upper shaft after stretching and jelqing.

Only got them once and that was when I was clamping. It was at the top, just a bit lower to the opening.

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I’ve gotten them once but that’s it.

I clamped last night using my left hand as a tourniquet for 10 minutes - the pain in my forearm was INTENSE but I kept it up like a champion. I got REALLY thick after doing it, was also edging during the clamp. I suppose it was a ULI if you think about it, but done in a clamping way lol.

Anyway, apart from the postive side, I got red spots on my foreskin - I don’t care about them because I have read a lot about them. The only thing I wanted to ask was, is it normal to get red/brown dots which are slightly bigger? They look more like small moles (I don’t mean the animal).

But in answer to the thread, yes I get them, and I hope they mean “job well done”.

Red spots are burst capillaries.

If red spots appear, that means you’re injuring your penis. It is unhealthy for you to injure your penis, plus it decreases sensitivity over time. Try to grip less hard and jelq less frequently.

Anyone know about these larger red/brown spots that I got along with the normal red spots? They still haven’t gone.

I never get them- never.

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