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I have ED so I take 10 mg of Cialis daily. Since I started this regemin about nine monts ago, I started to get semis (40%) about 50% of the time while doing stretches. I personally feel the semis help my stretches because I not only feel the stretch, but I can feel blood being forced up into my glans. With a bigger head, I can get a better grip which seems to improve my stretch.

I agree with DT. I have some ED problems also. A semi-hardon gives me more to hold onto p[lus I feel the stretch a lot more. When I do stretches in the flaccid state, my glan really takes a beating.

I’ve been taking a generic cialis called tadalista at about 13mg/day (I cut 40mg’s in 1/3’s). This gives me great morning wood and just enough of a hardon for what I would consider effective stretching. I either stretch or pump in the morning.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30