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DISAPPOINTMENT about specialistic medical visit


Hello, columbia!

Take a look at the pictures in my signature and tell me you do not see any growth. Then go view drilla9s clamp`orama thread and tell me that you see no growth.

Your doctor is right about one thing, penis stretchers do work.

I understand your doubts, I was just like you. Even when I had grown and taken pictures to prove it I still did not believe.

I started to believe when I hit 17cm in length because I have been measuring my penis ever since I was a little boy and never through out my years have I ever measured 17cm when measured from the top.

So keep on keeping on and you to will see gains! Take a erect, bone pressed picture with a ruler and save it for later. Sometimes your own brain will deceive you.

Good luck!


Nice curves

Originally Posted by columbia
Yes guys, INDURATIO PENIS PLASTICA is like Peyrone disease ( to look photo).
I ordered a PUMP to LA PUMP because I believe in PE but, sometime, a little doubt bring me and I think that my dream are only a delirium and, maybe, a lot of you are people that want believe in a dream but without real gain (I see some pic of “before and after” and no different I seen). Then, after read your post, I regain confidence.
So, many thanks, and I’ll say you all my little gains.
A little question, again: If I made only a pump and not jelq (my goal is only the girth) is sufficient? Squeeze and jelq are very boring.for me:)

Man, those are a couple of G Spot ticklers. Better not let Zane see these pics, she’ll be whining and squirming again.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Damn dude. What did you do for all that girth? Share the wealth (the technique that is, lol)

My personal experience: I’ doing good PE since June, mainly jelqing, and not so much. For a couple of months I did 10 min jelq one day on one day off. Now I’m doing 20 min. I passed from 6.9 to 7.3, till now, and recently my gains are speeding up. My girth has remained 5.5, but I’ll work on it when I’ll have 7.6-7.8 BPEL (I hope I will!).
I also noticed a lot of morning erections.
So according to me, if you don’t overdo, you will have regular gains for many months


__________May 2005____July 2011_________???

BPEL -----------> 6.9 -----------> 7.85 -------> > > 8.5

NBPEL----------> 6.3 -----------> 7.3 ---------> > > 7.9

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Man, those are a couple of G Spot ticklers. Better not let Zane see these pics, she’ll be whining and squirming again.



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