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Different times of PEing

Different times of PEing

I know for sure that I’ve seen topics about this, but I couldn’t find it with search and I’m sure some people are wondering about this.

Morning- I’ve heard that this is when your testosterone levels are the highest (making you more horny), perhaps this would somehow give you better gains with PEing? However, wouldn’t your blood flow be a little slow because you haven’t moved much in a couple of hours, which could potentially hurt gains?

Afternoon- Can’t really say much about this. Personally, this is probably the time in which most people work out or exercise. With this in mind, would PEing relatively shortly after you have been lifting or running be good or bad? On one side, it seems like your heart would be pumping blood better, which would be good for PE. On the other, your body needs the blood to all your major organs and muscles. I don’t know which is true, can anybody fill in on this?

Night- In terms of timing and stealth, this is probably a good time for a lot of people because they have all of their stuff out of the way and they can probably get more privacy. However, in terms of physiology, would being tired and having your body maybe a little weak make things worse?

I’m particularly interested in figuring out what PEing is like after you exercise in the scenario mentioned in the afternoon. If you have any input, please share!


I’ve noticed after lifting weights, specifically heavy leg workouts, my PE workout isn’t as good. It might be that a lot of the by-products of metabolism add up and the blood would go to the site that suffers trauma in order to remove cellular waste and and bring nutrients to help repair the muscle. It would probably be best to do low intensity cardio to get blood flowing without creating excess cellular waste. I would like to see what other people think though.

I start work at 7, so morning workouts are out of the question, unless I wake up at 04:00. Like you said, I usually lift weights in the afternoon, (though I’ve been quite slack recently) so I PE at night. It works for me, but sometimes if I’m really tired, I skip routines, and consistency seems to be the key to success in most things!


Just do it when you can. Don’t think of it as a weight lifting routine because your stretching fibers to make them longer, even with girth exercises your still stretching. Unless you think there is a more optimal time to stretch your legs, or arms - then do your routine when it suits you. I do it twice a day if I have the time. What ever your body can handle, just do it, and make sure you do a lot of reading my friend, the testosterone theories have been done to death regarding PE. I could see doing girth work in the morning for some men, as your blood flow might be best at that time (if your doing high intensity clamping, for instance) but other than that concentrate on just getting the time in for now.

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Second hopeful2hanglow. It’s more important to do it consistently and get the time in, than to do it any particular time of the day.

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