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Diet, exercise, smoking and PE.

Diet, exercise, smoking and PE.

It’s time to look at the big picture. I have been obsessing about increasing the girth for a while now. I have seen a minimal amount of growth since late June of this year from 4.6 to 4.8”. While a fifth of an inch is nothing to scoff at, I still feel thin downstairs. I was wondering the importance overall health makes a big difference in ability to make gains. I’m really going for it, eat healthy foods(lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grain foods), regular cardio exercise and lifting, and quitting smoking(pack/day and some pot occasionally). Does anyone have any relevant information on this? Or experience in changes they have noticed by doing this?

I do girth work mostly as well. I find that the weeks I am eating right and taking care of myself, my erection levels are better and I experience less fatigue. With girth, it’s different than length. I can always stretch my unit and stretch out the ligs, even on days my erection levels aren’t great. With girth, a bad eq can really hamper your routines, in turn hampering your gains. So in my opinion, it’s much more important to take care of your body when trying to work for girth. I’ve had days that my eq just isn’t up for going through a rigorous routine and, more often than not, it’s directly related to my eating habits, stress, etc.

It’s very rare that my body doesn’t take care of me when I’m eating right and you definitely want to maximize your EQ when doing girth work as it’s usually about expansion, expansion, expansion. Like I said, everything is relative and everyone is different, so there are people who have great eq and just don’t gain. On the flip though, I usually never hear of people who have amazing gains, but treat their bodies like crap and have horrible eq.


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