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Diet and PE

Diet and PE

I was just curious how many members follow a whole foods, organic diet. I juice veggies, eat healthy, and avoid estrogenic food products. I am wondering how this might influence gains. Anyone out there with this lifestyle? If so, do you feel that gains were achieved quickly? Food greatly influences recovery for regular muscle building, it seems to make sense that it would work for PE.

In my point of view, As I made a diet with organic food. I think It will help you be healthy. Losing fat means More blood pumping in your penis, So better erection quality. And if you lose weight, You will lose fat from your fat pad. Means less fat more length. Because your pubic fat area can suck your penis inside your body. Having a diet is very good to reduce this fat.

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I agree, the better the diet the more ability to recover. Those microtears have to rebuild from somewhere, and high-quality protein will do the trick. Micronutrients from organic fruits and vegetables will aid the process. Whynotbig is spot-on with the fat loss and circulation benefits. I have been following a whole-foods organic diet with no processed food (except for milk, butter, etc.only processed in the sense of pasteurization), and I can definitely say it has helped my PE gains and EQ quality. Proper sleep is also an important factor in the equation (it’s when you are doing most of your repairs). A man who eats a healthy diet, exercises, and sleeps like a baby will be much better off than a man who gets crap sleep and compensates for it during the day with tons of sugar, caffeine, and processed a sedentary desk job and then gets home and has a couple beers to “relax” before another non-restful night.

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The best result I had with pe through months of trial and error was fasting for 3+ hours before pe provides greater erections and, burns a tiny bit of fat, and gives you more energy so long as you don’t release. Whenever I fast for 16-32 hours I get even more erections throught the day than I do in between meals. You can still get away with a good amount of healthy fats throught the day but be realistc. Try switching some MCT oil for oilive oil once in a while and don’t eat more than one serving of red meat a day (not including beef jerky), and if you’re chubby then make that once a week. And a big misconception is that you need a lot of protein to heal from pe. No you don’t! You already have enough free aminos stored in your body to heal minor injuries like pe. Make no mistake if you chug down more protein shakes and eat too much you will get fat and not see any extra gains.

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In my opinion, I think that diet is important for every process in your body, including PE. Our closest ancestor’s bodies did not evolve and develop to eat the processed food that we have all come to know, love and become addicted to. (Yes addicted). Surprisingly enough, the bacteria in our intestinal tract outnumbers the number of cells that make up our entire body. These cells have more impact on how your body reacts than you realize. They cause your craving for food, and have even been linked to concentration and circulation. Long story short, by eating a more organic simple diet like our ancestors had, including many more raw and cooked greens, our bodies will function in the way they evolved to do. This mean, better metabolism, faster healing, better circulation, concentration, etc. Just a thought.

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Also, taking priobiotics regularly can greatly influence the quality of health and immunity. I try to take a green drink powder daily (contains dried green plants, algae and priobiotics) to help balance my diet.

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

I eat a ton of protein in my diet. I also lift weights several times a week though and I spend my days working on cars, which can really tear up those tiny muscles that don’t ever get used. That is until you end up needing your arm to have 3 elbows to install a crank sensor in a jeep lol

Anyway a high protein diet along with regular exercise has several advantages for your PE. 1st, the workouts get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, this can help with erection quality big time. Second, production of semen requires a huge amount of protein and vitamins to create swimmers. There are correlations between sperm count and erection quality and testosterone levels. Basically you just never want to run dry and leave your body to “choose” where to put it’s amino acid reserves. Third, a heavy lifting routine will trigger production of various growth hormones and testosterone, both of which correlate strongly to penis growth during puberty. Remember the body isn’t specific about exactly what muscles need to be repaired, if you are exercising your core big time then let the PE muscle repairs coattail your body’s restorative action.

Johnny is right on the money. I definitely agree that an active lifestyle is really important in PE. In addition to weight lifting make sure you are getting plenty of cardio to maximize your bodies ability to provide oxygenated blood to everywhere that need healing as well.

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

Cool to hear what other people are doing. I am a firm believer in healing through food. I personally follow more of a flexitarian lifestyle with limited meat and dairy, and more raw vegetables and fruits. I have never really stuck with PE long enough to see substantial results, but I believe that this time will be different. I have a lifestyle that is more structured and diciplined. I think it carries over to all areas of my life.


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