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Did I pop something?

Did I pop something?

Hello, so I was doing my routine of warm up, stretch, 200 jelqs (100 dry, 100 wet), uli’s for 5 mins, and horse squeeze for 5 mins, then warm down. I noticed that the frenulum area, a little towards the base more(like after the glans end, and under there), gorged up a lot. I don’t know if something popped or what. Just the underside of my penis there seems to have swelled up. I see no blood or anything. No spots, no color change. But the only thing I noticed is the sensitivity was reduced a little bit there. I think it might just be because I was PEing so I my sensitivity there was reduced anyway (like sometimes when I PE). But now after I have finished my routine, I notice that its still slightly gorged, even though I’m flaccid. The area there doesn’t hurt, it just feels squishy. I’m not sure if I injured myself or what. This has not happened to me before.

It sounds like edema. Nothing to be too concerned about. It’s not harmful.

In the spot you describe, it occurs because you’ve caused too much pressure in your CS for too long. Ease up a bit on the squeezes in your next session if you want to avoid it.

That’s great to know I didn’t do any real harm. Thanks for the information! Now I know not to be too ambitious during my routines.

This is not unusual with old-school jelq.

Won’t happen with Jelq 2.0 (aka the 3-Step Penis Workout).

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