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Originally Posted by babbis
That is a excellent gain!! Have you been using it as a extender or with the bungee fastened to the leg/around the waist? For how many hours and did you use rest days?

I’ve been using it as an extender for most of the time. I’ve used it with the bungee around the waist, for about a month while I was on vacation. I started using it for about 6 hours daily at first, then moved up to 10 hours daily with breaks in between. The key I think is to use medium tension, that way you have a steady pull and go on using it for much longer, without discomfort. As for rest days, I take the weekend off.

It’s probably a better idea to stick with manual exercises, at least for the first three or so months. Some people make all their gains from manual exercises.

If you later decide you need or want equipment a lot of it is easily made at home:

The Captn’s Wench - Hanger, Manual Stretcher, ADS - easy to make and can be used for ADS.
All Day Stretch Video - another simple ADS device.
ZekeMan’s Penis Enlargement Traction Device - harder to make but probably worthwhile if you want an extender

A wealth of home made devices can be found here:

- Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop

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With the vac-extender do you need to take it off to pee?

Yes, you need to take it off to pee. I will be receiving my Vax Extender soon, and I already plan doing few hours ADS, and 30 minutes break after pee every 2 hours.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

Thank you guys for the help I am gong to purchase the vacextender and vachanger package so I can hang the heavier weights when that time comes but still be able to work my mojo throughout the day. I think with these and some basic exercises I will be growing soon. Thanks


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