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Really struggling to carry on at the moment. I’m in love with a girl and she likes me but I’m so depressed about the size of my penis I just don’t want to wake up any more. My stats are 5.2NBPEL and 4.5MEG with it being 4.0 at the tip.

I’m overweight have pretty severe stretch marks and a below average cock. I know her two previous boyfriend were hung. She has told me.
Also I get premature ejaculation on/off and my bell end is sensitive.

This girl is a stunner. And has told me she really like me. How can I peruse a sexual relationship with her only to disappoint. I’m so low.

I find myself lying in bed all day on my days off with no motivation. I haven’t even the energy to cry when its all I want to do. I tried the newbie routine for a month got a better EQ but no gains. I’m running out of time.

Hi Blue,
Happy new year :)

a) you are NOT small. You are average, and millions of men are smaller than you. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.
b) you have made the first step, which is realising you may have a mental health problem. That’s good news. From here on, everything will be better.
c) congratulations on finding someone who likes you for who you are. yay!
d) get our of bed NOW (and I mean NOW), go for a walk, and call your GP for an appointment tomorrow first thing. You may need (and benefit) from help.

(What I’m trying to say, is that I think your problem has nothing to do with your penis, but more with your general state of mind)

Ignore the woman, focus on yourself.

- Perseverance is key. Get up, get going and don’t stop. (Unless you’re taking the scenic route)
- Start running. Not because you’re overweight, but because it helps greatly in warding off depression. There’s a reason why they call it the runner’s high.
- Start lifting weights. Heavy compound lifts, increasing the weight gently. Your general health will increase vastly and muscle will replace fat.
- Eat on a regular basis and eat well. Cut out refined produce, excessive sugars and simple carbs. Don’t fear fats, they give a sated feeling, balance your hormones and are a good source of energy.
- Return to PE. Simply follow the newbie routine with diligence and consistency. Keep a log and return to Thunder’s if you’re stuck or see no improvement over several months.
- Don’t just log your PE, but plan ahead in general. Keep a calendar/agenda handy and write down what you’re going to do, keep notes. You’ll get a feeling for how much time you’ve spent on activities over a day and you’ll guide yourself to easily overcome hurdles.

You’ll find that over time your physical health improves and your mind gently following along.

And running out of time?

Time moves regardless of what we do, might as well use it.

DomXZ said the most important things.

Just a little hint: running is fine but if you are overweight, it’s the hard and eventually even dangerous track. Weight loss is priority 1. So instead of running start walking first. At least 3 times per week. Start small, something like 30 minutes. The pace should be high, but still in the range that you are able to have a conversation while walking.

After 2 or 3 weeks, start to increase the training duration by adding 10 minutes every 2 weeks until you are at 3x90 minutes per week, independent of weather conditions. No excuses besides severe sickness tolerated.

The fat burn starts only at 40 minutes, so the longer you walk the better it is. Over time, your walking speed can be increased as endurance starts to raise too. Keep a log and, if available, track your walking with a GPS meter on your cell phone.

Your weight will reduce quite fast that way. Try not to loose too fast, it’s not healthy neither. A rate of 3-4 pounds per month is perfect.. and drink a lot, but only water!

When your BMI is under 25, slowly start to increase your speed to running pace, but still walk if you puff too much. If your joints protest because of the unusual stress, respect that body signal! Replace walking by swimming, by keeping the same schedule.

Walking at a rather fast pace is the simplest and most efficient way to burn excessive body fat and gives you the same endorphin as running. If, and only if, it’s done in nature and not in the sterile environment of a fitness center. I don’t know why, but nature seems to have an impact on the soul too.

Believe me, I am able to walk away from any dark clouds who threaten my soul and after 3 or 4 hours (don’t compare to me please, I walk since my teen age) I come home relaxed ad happy. I even instrumentalize it in business, when confronted to a difficult problem I go for a walk and come back, sit down and the solution simply IS THERE!

I know it’s complicated for City Slickers, especially commuters who use their cars. But try to find the loophole, giving you the needed time for that kind of training.

I challenge you: within the next 3 to 5 years, you will get so fit that you will be able to outwalk me. My actual performance standard in walking (not running!) is 8 kilometers per hour in average during 3 hours, 6 kilometers per hour with a 15kg rucksack during a full day of 12 hours hiking. I want to precise that I am not bragging, it is simply the result of permanent training over years (3 times a week 2 hours, not more!) and I am convinced nearly everybody can get to that fitness level independent of the starting point.

And a last thing: that girl sounds like she has a good heart. Believe me, dick size is ways overestimated by men and being a good lover is absolutely not related to your dick size.

And now get out of that bed and walk your depression away!

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Oh yeah, just have made a quick glance to your stats. You gained half and inch in length and 1/8 inch in girth… in 21 days!!!

Your routine seems to work very well, these are fast and big gains! Please keep it up, it is working!!!

We all know that initial gains are fast, but this is quite spectacular what’s happening to you.

Just a little kick-ass posting aimed at your depression’s roots. Fight, man, fight hard, because this looks like we have a winner potential here!

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

One thing to note; you have a tongue, mouth and hands. Make use of them before going in for the kill.

I was massively overweight when I started seeing my girlfriend, and she’s smoking hot. You can overcome it. And by the way, your cock is completely normal.

If you’re fat and have ED … get your ass in the gym.

Thanks for the comments guys. I decided to go for a walk later. And carry on with the PE tonight. I’m just so scared of being rejected because I’m in love. It’s not just a lay. She’s so perfect. And she has told me she thinks I’m her “one”. I’m not an ugly guy and I have a good sense of humour usually. I guess my insecurity is heightened by how much I want to be able to make her happy.

All I’ve ever wanted is to be good enough for a girl like this. Granted she’s smoking hot, but I mean more her personality.

I guess I’m skeptical I can grow my penis. And I think my gains were better EQ. I sometimes have trouble getting an erection because I hate looking at it. But I will try. I guess it’s all we can do.

Thanks again guys.

So lemme make sure I got this right.. She has told you that previous guys have been big but she told you that she thinks you’re the ‘one’ and you’re bummed? It sounds like she likes YOU - something that evidently couldn’t be said about anyone else she’s been with.

Take the other folks’ advice if you feel you need to make a change. Focus on losing weight & getting in shape. The first step I would recommend is cutting out soda, if you drink them at all now. Don’t go running right away or you’ll give yourself shin splints or foot injuries. Find an exercise that is low impact, EG bicycling or an elliptical machine. Just remember that even if you start hitting the machine and change your diet you will see very very small results for the first month or two, even if you feel like you’re working as hard as you can. You have to work up to the level where you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in daily and that typically takes a month or two of conditioning before it happens. If she asks what’s going on just tell her you’ve made getting in shape your NY Resolution - just like a billion other people.

If you have time and want to pursue PE that’s great too, but should probably be one of your lower priorities if you don’t have an enormous amount of free time. It actually works pretty well with exercising since (if you’re trying to stealth mode it) you can just attribute any changes to better physical shape. I actually told the lady the size increase is from better blood flow myself.

As everyone says, though, that’s more about you wanting to change you for your own wants/needs. It shouldn’t be about you wanting to mold yourself to what you think someone else wants - you’ll end up far more hurt & depressed if you base your goals off of someone else’s wishes, especially if things don’t pan out like you hoped.

You should take a look at some of the other threads on this site, especially the ‘Is it in yet’ thread. You’ll find a lot of people who went through the same feelings you are & how some of them coped with and overcame them.

Just don’t let your immediate emotional state change who you are around her or that will be far more likely to cost you the girl than anything else.

That was a really nice reply mate thanks for taking the time. I guess I agree my priority should be getting in shape and working on the things that I can influence in the short term. I am still terrified and I will check out that link. I just want it to work. I really do care for her. I hope that’s enough along with the attention money and oral orgasms I’m planning for her.

If ever PE works for me though It will change my life for sure. I’m just so tired of living under this cloud. I want to live life free like everyone else.

PE wise I’m only looking for 0.5” in NBPEL and MEG. Not greedy at all.

Hi, Small Blue, I kind of have this problem, on and off too. My problem is with girth (4.3”), but I guess the only thing that we can do about it is PE and remain optimistic about gaining size. Time is all you have, you can either spend it feeling bad about yourself, or working on the problem that’s making yo feel bad about yourself. Hope you feel better, and I wish you get gains!

Thank you frank bunny. I too wish you gains. I feel the pain of being on the thin side of girth. The psychological battle is immense and the sexual even worse. I can be told I’m average until my ears bleed. But I always feel inadequate. I have considered buying a bath mate for my three month mark and using that for girth gains as well. Even temporary girth gains for the odd sex session would be welcome.

Listen to me. Presuming I’m going to get that far with her.

Life is tough. And magical. Keep smiling.

Plus one for using the tongue. A great lover uses the tongue and then encourages her to stimulate herself while you have intercourse. Success every time with a small dick.

Fucker. Get over yourself and rail the girl.

I expect a report on my desk in the morning.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Hi Small blue

I’m in the EXACT same position as you.
I’m afraid that my 5.2 NBPEL x 4.5 MEG penis can’t please a girl I recently fell in love with (also experience premature ejaculation at times).

I get insecure hearing about her past and I’m afraid to lose her, though she says she hasn’t felt this close to anyone else before.
Feelings of inadequacy bounce around and can mentally overshadow the positives in my relationship.

I recommend taking a step back to reflect on the good between you and your girl and looking at the bigger picture.
And don’t over think things about your relationship - its what makes me unnecessarily depressed. Over thinking and not doing is a big waste.

Feeling inadequate can get very depressing at times and demotivating, but after beginning PE, just the EQ increase has improved my sex life greatly.
I haven’t seen size gains yet as I PE on and off, but I am going all out in committing to my latest plans.
Don’t waste time fearing your running out of time. At this point, you’re with her and the best ways to make things better are to commit to a routine, get out of the house, better your health and make the most out of what you have now.

Look for motivation in yourself.
Remember, PE is a marathon, not a sprint.
Stay strong and I wish you the best in your humble goals.

- PE_on_purpose


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