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Day and Night workouts.

Day and Night workouts.

Anybody here workout their manhood twice a day? I remember reading how it isn’t beneficial, but can’t seem to find the thread. Was hoping anybody could shed some light. I’m starting the newbie routine and doing it on my lunch breaks, but have the need and desire to do more workouts before going to bed. Any suggestions on what I could possibly do.

Was thinking of doing some more kegel exercises to fortify the muscles.

Depending on which monthly routine I’m on I do night and day routines. I found this to be more beneficial because my erections aren’t as weak as they were with a single long routine. Most guys here are fans of separate length and girth routines which helped me just make sure you do jelqing in the morning to take advantage of the surge in testosterone you get prior to waking up. Even then the only supplement you will need in the morning is water and maybe a tsp of white sugar if your blood sugar levels are too low.

At night, depending on your day and type of work, and even caffiene consumption, usually an erection is harder to achieve. You can however remedy this with a small cup of green tea with Ginger and a hot shower. The small amount of caffiene (15mg or less) will help wake you up without over stimulating you and killing your erections, and the Ginger and hot shower will help with blood circulation(all that’s left is sexy thoughts).

If your dead serious on taking supplements I can give you a small list of a few that will help but in the end you better off waiting and sticking to dietary changes. I don’t want you relying too heavily on supplements before you get the basic exercises down.


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