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Curves and mushrooms

Curves and mushrooms

I just started PE few days ago, and I got a few questions:
1. It it possible to fix curves? And how?
2. Can I enlarge my “mushroom”? And how?
3. What do you suggest me, to use my hands or to buy some device for better effect?

Thanks in advance, ANDREYOMG.

P.s: sorry for my bad English

1.jelq against it

2.jelq very very slowly when near the top 3/4 of the penis (close to the head but not on it) (there’s more you can do later once you are better conditioned.

3.Hands first for a while.

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Heere We GOOooh!

Originally Posted by Andreyomg

3. What do you suggest me, to use my hands or to buy some device for better effect?

My first year of PE, I wasn’t even aware there were any devices one could use so I did something similar to the noob routine, and made gains. There are some guys on this board who swear by hands alone. It is do-able.

The first few years of my PE life were spent trying to correct my curve and to some extent it has decreased somewhat however I must be honest I really stopped caring about my curve.

I embraced it and really do not want it gone. In actual fact one of my regular sexual partners hated the fact that the curve had diminished a little.

Andre if you really are concerned about your curve I would follow Lord Vayne’s advice and see how things go from there. Jelqing against the curve proved and stretching against the curve are what worked for me.

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Thank you guys you realy helped me=]


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