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Creative use of time - Commuting

Creative use of time - Commuting

I started PE about a year ago and was really happy. Then it went awry with no time and no privacy.

I enjoy hanging and using the Captn’s Wench (owe him big for that) but never found the time. One day the wench
Fell out of my bag and on to the truck floor as I was driving. Bingo! I have a 20 to 40 minute commute everyday
And I thought “Why not?”

Rigged it up and at least can hang twice a day for a good period of time for me with about 15 pounds. Just flip a
Towel over my lap so it looks like I am protecting my pants and that I am not a some weirdo.

So what is your most creative use of time for PE and where?

Wasn’t there an article around here not long ago about a man that was in a car accident and discovered by the EMTs to have a penis enlargement device still attached?

There are a lot of bad possibilities.
I would never.

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Yea I found that and read about it and the other about stretching. Truth is the traffic never gets above 30 MPH and it is the only time I have. Just curious because maybe some one has a creative time idea that I could follow up on.

Granted, using a pump I would never do while driving. To answer the question before it is asked no, I do not talk on the cell phone nor do I eat while driving. What I cannot stand is those folks using their damn BlackBerries while driving.

Doing kegels while commuting is acceptable and an effective use of your time. I do nearly all my kegels when commuting. Won’t start other exercises though, odd questions will be asked then.

That is true Bird but questions help me find alternative solutions.

Walked at lunch and found a spot where I can park then stretch in the morning. Leaving 20 minutes earlier will give me the chance to hang in safety.

Should also be a place I can find on a the way home off the beaten path as well.

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