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Cooling Down

Cooling Down

I’m doing a pure jelqing growth program right now (you can check out my log). One of the things it calls for is a 10 minute warm up and a 10 minute cool down with a hot rag or sock or something like that. On warm ups I’m not going to take any chances and do it that way. However after the workout you have to shower off all the lube and what not. Could a 10 minute long hot shower count as the 10 minute cool down period? That’ll save me 5 to 10 minutes of time right there alone. Can you also do the cool down while doing Kegals or perhaps the Kegals throughout the day?

I’ve heard that a shower works, but that it’s not as good as a hot wrap. But yeah, I personally use the shower to kill two birds with one stone and wash all the skank off.

Oh and for your second question, definitely do kegals throughout the day, every chance possible. More than just during your growth routine.

I do warm downs with putting my unit in a cup of hot water. Still I don’t understand the meanin of warmdown since there are not bonemuscles trained.

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