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confusion about manual stretching

confusion about manual stretching

when it says to stretch to the left and then right what do you mean by left and right?

i have been doing example 1 (the penis is the arrow)

(stretch 1)
i stretch this far for left where the penis is almost touching leg <—-

i stretch this far for right ——>
| (center strech, penis forward)

_|_ (stretch 1)
basically i have been doing this stretch (sticks point to which way i pull, is this ok? or should the left, right stretch be like below

(\ is the penis)

\ (left stretch, penis only goes left a bit but not to the point as example 1 where it almost touches the leg)

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Hey! eid

basically you wanna stretch until you feel the pull at your ligament. Don’t pull to hard, but keep a firm and constant stretch on your lig…hold that stretch for a 1 or 2 min…unless you feel some discomfort


first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:

yes but which how far should i pull?

maybe i didnt explain right, below is what i been doing (each line points to the way i pull for each stretch)


should it be that or this? \ | / (notice the left and right stretch are not as much, while the first stretch makes me pull the penis all the way to the left/right)

im afraid i might be pulling too much by using example 1, unless that is the right one.

hey eid
well when it comes to your body…go with what it tells you…if you feel soreness from the first stretch then use example B
personally use your second example…I feel the stretch in the ligament alot better…also do a search on stretching to find out more advice…but alway listen to your body…never over do it..

good luck

first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:


You can stretch all the way to either side because you are flaccid. It’s not a big deal; you won’t hurt yourself because of the angle.



I just have to say that when I do stretches for my ligaments, I like to grab my tool almost at the base (no more then half way up)so that my hand won’t slip off. I like this method because it uses less pressure, my hand doesn’t get tired and I feel a real nice stretch in the ligaments. Try it out if you haven’t already, its worth it.

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