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**Read this first**

The above is stuck across the entire top of the Newbie forum for a reason. Due to the nature of this site most of the guys here will bend over backwards to help out in any way they can; however, they will not simply “bend over” if you catch my drift.

Lots of guys have put in some serious time writing and organizing detailed “how to” explanations on all this stuff. A question like, “what is the difference between Jelqing and Stretching”, shows that a guy hasn’t taken the time to do any reading on their own. In effect they are saying that their time is more important than the time of all the guys replying to their thread. Directing a new guy to to a detailed and concise answer to their questions is hardly rude.

A new guy posting that they have been reading up on what ever and are having a hard time understanding, or can’t find the link to the videos they keep reading about will just about always get a quick and helpful answer as it shows that they are making the effort. We do have a poop load of info here and sometimes it is hard to sort through it all. That is part of the reason that the Newbie and basic getting started on PE info is so well organized and why we have that banner across the entire top of the Newbie forum.

Running a Massive Co-Front.