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Confidence vs Penis Size


Confidence vs Penis Size

Non PE related question here. From what I’ve been reading that in general women find confident men a bigger turn on than penis size (having both is a bonus). I’m not looking for the magic bullet here but does anybody know of any good sites that can offer suggestions on how to be more positive and gain confidence etc?


A lot of people here seem to relate the two. Talking about how their confidence has risen with their increased penis size.

You are right. Men don’t go dangling their penis in front of women to suggest instant mating might be a good idea, though some might prefer it that way :D

I guess you have to ask yourself what is the root cause of your confidence problem.

Check out this site.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Some men have great confidence and and not a big dick because the don’t care. But when they began tho care, there confidence will shrink.

Its simple if you have low confidence because of a small dich. And when you then increase it through PE exercises etc..your confidence will grow like hell, because you no you aren’t small or average…


Do you have trouble with approaching women? Fear of rejection, etc?

I’d be glad to help, maybe give you some advice, practice routines, openers, I have read two books that help with the confidence issues in general:

How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie) and

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven Covey)

Both can be gotten on audio cd or audio tape

Check out my flirting/seduction thread lots of links to free information and resources.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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Link to flirting/seduction thread:

Flirting/seduction thread

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the thread/reply. It’s difficult to say where the problem is but I think it’s a general negative impression of myself which makes my outlook on life negative and I can be negative towards other people (instead of being positive which I want to be). When you don’t feel good about yourself you’re not good to other people. The major problems I focus on are:

Too short - (5’7)
Small dick - (5.85 x 5 NBP)
Not good looking - (probably above average)
Boring - (my girlfriend wants an outgoing / funny person)
Not smart enough - (work in IT, feel stupid compared to everybody else)
No confidence - Would rather die than have to do public speaking

It probably all stems from having it really rough when I was growing up, perhaps I should somehow focus on that and the issues it caused. Also will work on the PE as it can’t hurt to have a big(ger) one!

Sorry this stuff isn’t related to PE but you guys seem pretty cool to talk to about most things.



:) Public speaking is fun. Maybe you should go on a course or something, use that as a springboard.

So what are your good points?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Agree with the public speaking course. I’ve been meaning to follow up on that, perhaps that will help in some way. My good points, now that is harder:

1. Have a good work ethic, work hard (most) of the time
2. Pretty generous with most people
3. Nice to animals?

hmmm.. will have to work on that list I think!

Sounds like a good thing to do :) You are forgetting sense of humour.

Maybe you should ask your girlfriend? :)

1. So lets see, about the same height as Tom Cruise.
2. Your penis is longer than 24% of men and has more girth than 42% of men (based on Kinsey).
3. Above average looks
4. Boring in a funny way
5. Smart enough to be in IT.
6. Enough confidence to ask questions about confidence.
7. Good work ethic
8. Generous
9. Good with Animals
10. Sense of humour


Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hey baldric69!

I totally sympathize with you. The last year I`ve changed tremendously and my confidence with women and in general have grown a lot! I`ve always been insecure concerning women and never knew quite how to treat them. Had something going on with this HOT girl but after a while she said the classic “I just want you as a friend” line. That was the kick I needed to get the area of my life concerning women handled. So I surfed across and read the ladder theory which cleared up my mind a lot! also taught me a lot(and still does). Finally I decided to buy David D`Angelo`s ebook at www.doubleyourdating.con and I felt like I was given a map so that I could navigate through the jungle of romance and dating. I recommend it with the whole of my heart. A book I also can recommend you concerning a positive mindset is a book by Suzanne Jeffers called “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It`s a great book that really can help boost your confidence especially if you do the exercises(affirmations among others).

All the problems you`ve listed are things YOU are in control of except your height and does it really matter? I don`t know how much 5,7 is(I`m norwegian and we uses “cm” so I don`t have a clue) but I`m sure you`re totally fine. Anyway:

Small dick - Well, you`ve come here right? That`s a big start already, now just keep going steady and you will see the results. Btw you are longer than me but I`m going to catch up to you eventually:-)

Not good looking - Well who cares? Probably above average you say so what are you complaining about? If you`re concerned of what the women think I can assure you that looks is not a very important factor when attracting a woman. Anyway it`s up to you to look as good as possible(buy some new clothes and so on).

Boring - Be a funny and outgoing person then! Don`t play XBOX, start paragliding! Don`t sit in front of the TV all day, go to a gym. BECOME exciting and funny!

Not smart enough - Too me you seem like a smart fellow. If you feel your not good enough in your field buy some books or take extra education. Everything can be learned! Some people learn slow and some fast. I`m a slow learner but if there`s something that needs to be learned I will do it no matter how much effort it takes.

Not confidence - This is an issue I have problems with myself but I`ve grown a lot more confident lately thanks to my own efforts, it doesn`t happen over night. Confidence is a psychological thing BUT if you start working out, look good, grow a bigger penis and so on, you will grow bigger confidence just by doing that!

Good luck my friend, you`ve begun your journey towards mastery and that is what counts!

And yeah, we are cool people so just ask!;)

>>The major problems I focus on are:

Too short - (5’7)
Small dick - (5.85 x 5 NBP)
Not good looking - (probably above average)
Boring - (my girlfriend wants an outgoing / funny person)
Not smart enough - (work in IT, feel stupid compared to everybody else)
No confidence - Would rather die than have to do public speaking >>

-I am your height. Practice good posture and perhaps wear boots.
-Your penis size was exactly the same as mine to start, but women don’t get to see that until the ultimate moment anyway. So make it bigger but don’t let your size stop you (act as if you were 9x7 already)
-Go to a hairstylist and have them look at your facial features and hair color to find the right hairstle for you. Be aware though women are very forgiving of looks compared to men. I see guys that are nothing special - even a little ugly with 9’s on their arms all the time.
-Be interested to be interesting. Get a GENUINE interest in other people, really pay attention when they talk. Get a hobby to be interested in (golf, tennis, etc) - something you can talk about when others ask you about your interests.
-You don’t have to be smart, just a genuine person. In fact “showing off smarts and other attributes gets to be offensive.
-Go out and talk to people. Man, woman, old, fat, young, doesnt’ matter. Just say hi, introduce yourself and take the trouble to remember the other persons name in the conversation. Its tough to get started but make yourself do it. You will be surprised at how receptive people are when approached in a friendly manner.
-21 day drill use to develope confidence in approaching strangers. leave your watch at home and go out and approach strangers and ask them for the time. do at least 10 approaches a day for three weeks. You will be relieve to find out that some will try to strike up a conversation with no effort on your part.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Short? Hell, I’m only 5’ 5” , in the morning, and lose almost an inch by bedtime. I’m also 51 and shrinking as I get older. I’m still trim with a little bulge around the middle and very strong from doing construction work all my life. I also have very little gray hair and a 7.25 bpel dick and I’m married to the woman of my dreams and things couldn’t be better!

How did I do it? I read alot of books on relationships and the best one is “How to succeed with women”. I also recommend “The 7 habits of highly effective people” and “Conversational magic”. Okay, these books opened my thinking to new levels and clarify things a bit and I sorta copt a different attitude to people, in general, but books didn’t do it alone. I finally realized that why do I need to please others all the time? Screw it! I’m going to just be me and please myself and toss the head shrinking out the window. It worked for a long time until I started to mellow out and really took an interest in other people’s thoughts and feelings. Age does that.

To this day I can woo ANY woman and I mean it but I’m married now and must respect my wife’s feelings. Confidence helps and size DOESN’T matter!!!! You just have to know how to use “it”.

BTW, if you want , I’ll send you those books free of charge. I don’t need them anymore and would like to see someone else gain some knowledge from them.

Sorry for my rambling.

"Don't be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Go to school and study computers instead." Jackie Chan

I must say that you guys here are amazing people, Im glad to be a part of the community.

go to, it has some excellent stuff on building confidence, I suggest the “De-Shying Practice” article especially. I think this site is affiliated with as well.

^_^great job you guys

till PE when write this


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